Sojourn is our annual freshers orientation camp that is conducted in Singapore, before we head to London to start the academic year. This year, the theme of the camp is Genesis – which refers to the origin.


The camp was held from 17th to 19th August 2018, at various places such as Sentosa, Changi Beach and the Central Business District.

The freshers had a day in the sun on the first day. Beach day started off with stormy weathers but soon cleared up, and everyone had a great time playing in the sand.

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This year, as per every year, there were 6 orientation groups, namely: Monsieur Flamingo, Colonel Mustard, Professor Bluestar, Nurse Black, Ms Scarlet and Reverend Green.These are the characters from the boardgame – Cluedo. Why these characters? This year, there has been an introduction of a storyline to the camp – a murder mystery.

Before the night games, suspects to the murder mystery were introduced and freshers had to complete intensely during the night games to earn the chance to have an advantage during the day 2 amazing race.

TS-11212 DSC01378 TS-11210

On day 2, the freshers embarked on the amazing race, which was conducted in the Central Business District. Freshers had to rush to various locations to obtain clues and evidence that will aid them in solving the murder mystery.

TS-11222 DSC01394 DSC01398 TS-11230


With the collected evidence, freshers had to create a skit to present their perspective of the order of events of the murder. The skit was presented during campfire night.

DSC01524 DSC01635 TS-11274 TS-11341 DSC01492The final day of the camp was at Changi beach, where the freshers had their war games and course lunches. It was a chance for everyone to fight for their orientation group’s flags with the help of “infinity stones” that gave each group different advantages. The camp was concluded with the same weather it started with – gloomy and raining; but all the freshers left happy, contented and definitely tired.


DSC01751 TS-11423 DSC01733 DSC01734 DSC01726 DSC01727

Hope that everyone had a great time at Sojourn 2018: Genesis!

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