35th Executive Committee Election Results

The elections for the 35th Executive Committee was held as part of the Imperial College Union Leadership Elections 2017. The results for the 35th Exco following the elections held from 3rd March to 10th March are as follows:

President: Benjamin Wong
Vice-president: Douglas Chan
Secretary: Tricia Teo
Treasurer: Aaron Lau
Event Officers: Huang Guan, Lim Hua Chong
Major Event Officer: Rasika Kale
Liaison Officer: Lim Yu Jie
Sports Officer: Carys Hor

The detailed results are here.

As our term as the 35th Exco begins, we we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our predecessors for their hard work and contributions.
The 35th Exco look forward to a productive and meaningful year ahead with everyone, and we hope to have your support in our effort to build up this warm, comforting family in our home away from home.

32nd-35th ICSS Exco

The 32nd to 35th ICSS Executive Committee

35th ICSS ExcoThe 35th ICSS Executive Committee

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