‘Brothers’ – an amicable term reserved for only the dearest of friends. They are the pals we ‘jio’ after class for a basketball game, or some hearty ‘kway chap’ at the hawker centre; confidantes that willingly talk for hours on the phone about dreams and aspirations; companions whom we know we could trust in the toughest of times.



On 28th February, ICSS proudly presented Major Event 2015: Brothers, a musical that embodies this very essence of camaraderie. The event was graced by the High Commissioner of Singapore to London. It was a night to remember for the 91-people-strong Major Event team as we showcased to our audience what it means to be Singaporean, and what Singapore means to us. The musical featured original song compositions performed by a live choir and a robust music team; a wide variety of original dance choreographs; aesthetic and innovative props made entirely in-house; a team of highly-capable backstage crew that brought lights, sounds and pre-musical preparation to perfection; and last but not least, a heartwarming storyline that tells of youthful aspirations, choices and friendships, brought to life by a team of dedicated cast members.

This year’s Major Event bears great significance to ICSS members as we commemorated Singapore’s 50th year of independence. In conjunction with SG50, our duo of comedic and talented emcees led members of the audience through an “umbrella operation” to form the SG50 logo amidst the grand circle. Members of the audience joined us enthusiastically as we paid homage to the island nation we call home.



That night was an emotional night for many of us, as we saw the months of effort put into the preparation paying off. It was the night we united as one ICSS to bring the audience a slice of home. It was the night we celebrated not just the friendships of the main characters in the storyline, but also (and more importantly) the friendships we forged over the 5 months we spent together to put up the spectacular show.





We would like to thank the High Commissioner of Singapore to London for taking time off her busy schedule to share this evening with us, and our sponsors for supporting us throughout the production. We would also like to thank each and every member of the Major Event 2015 team for the time and effort dedicated to the production. We hope that throughout the Major Event season, you have found something that you would keep and treasure for a long time to come.

Proceeds from ticket sales will go to Save The Children UK, an NGO that provides support for needy children around the world.

To everyone who had supported ICSS in one way or another over the duration of Major Event 2015, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. Thank you for supporting Major Event 2015: Brothers, and we look forward to welcoming you again for Major Event 2016!


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