The Imperial College Singapore Society (ICSS) is a student led organisation steeped in rich culture and tradition. It flaunts a voluminous member population that is in the hundreds, bolstering its reputation as one of the largest Singapore communities outside of the island nation itself.

Every year, the ICSS committee will string together a repertoire of exciting events. During the summer vacation just before the academic year kicks in, students from the senior years will rally together to organize Sojourn, our freshmen orientation camp. As its name suggests, the freshmen will be taken through a journey of endless fun and excitement, engraving nostalgic memories of their island nation in their minds before taking the long haul flight to start a new chapter of their lives in London.

In spring term, students from all years will gather for a Major Event. This event can take the shape of whatever its members want it to be. In the recent years, ICSS has proudly produced entertaining musicals annually, with the latest success titled ‘Under Construction: The Musical’ which took place in February 2020. Earlier in its history, the event took the form of an ‘agar-agar’ and ‘popiah’ making contest, which smashed its way into the Guinness World Records. The whole concept behind the Major Event is to create an opportunity for Singaporeans to foster strong friendships and build memories which will last a lifetime.

Apart from the fore-mentioned events, there is also a host of other events that are lined-up through the academic year. They range from adrenaline-filled ski trips and theme park visits to therapeutic shopping escapades out of London. Christmas Party, Chinese New Year dinner, picnics, musical outings and Seniors’ Farewell party. These are just some examples from the non-exhaustive list.

Being a member of the ICSS is just like being a part of a family. Aside from all the fun and laughter, the friendships forged will tide you through thick and thin during the duration of one’s academic journey at Imperial College. The strong emotional support rendered amongst the members establishes the feeling of being in a second home.

So, step forth on this adventure with us and savour this experience that is distinctively ICSS – our home away from home.


lepak times

ICSS Leadership Elections 2020

The results for the ICSS Leadership Elections are out! Presenting to you the 38th Executive Committee. Congratulations to all elected candidates and thank you to all our members for taking part in the elections. Full Read more…

Christmas Party 2019

ICSS held its annual Christmas Party on 8 December. Members came together to celebrate the Christmas and the end of the Autumn term. The Exco prepared a delicious spread of home-cooked food, and it was Read more…

Halloween Party 2019

ICSS’ inaugural Halloween Party was held on 29 October 2019 at the Senior Common Room. Members turned up in their Halloween costumes and took part in Halloween-related activities such as pumpkin carving and apple bobbing. Read more…

Hyde Park Picnic 2019

Hyde Park Picnic is the first ICSS event held in London to kick off the academic year. A brief shower initially gave way to a rainbow and blue skies, and everyone had a good time Read more…

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