Welcome to Imperial College Singapore Society (ICSS), a non-profit student cultural society representing Singapore. We are proud to build a Home Away from Home for hundreds of students and support your journey in London.

During Sojourn -our freshman orientation camp- students will for the first time taste our close-knit community and, soaking up the Singapore sun, forge solid bonds with fellow members. Surrounded by their new family, freshmen will be ready to kick off their academic year at Imperial and be propelled into a whirlwind of plethora of events throughout the year: Christmas Party, CNY Dinner, Hyde Park Picnic, musical outings, just to name a few.

For those of you in pursuit of adrenaline, enjoy our annual Ski Trip to spice up your Spring Break and revitalise yourself. You will very soon realise that time flies among your family, who you can always rely on in times of need, but before concluding the academic year, your creativity will flourish when producing the Major Event. In the past years, students joined their forces to present musicals blending their own script writing, music composition, dancing, singing, and designing props or showcased their artistic talents.  Earlier in its history, the event even took the form of an ‘agar-agar’ and ‘popiah’ making contest, which smashed its way into the Guinness World Records.

In 2020/2021, we have successfully overcome the predicaments imposed by the global pandemic by learning to adapt to these turbulent times. More than ever, Imperial College Singapore Society is determined to accompany you on this new chapter of your life in London while ensuring your wellbeing is at the core of this exciting adventure.


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Sojourn 2021 – Vestige

We recently concluded our Freshmen Orientation Camp, Sojourn 2021: Vestige! This camp brought together over 120 ICSS members, both freshers and seniors between 27th and 29th August 2021. Vestige combined both online and in-person activities. Read more…

Pre-Departure Talk 2021

Imperial College Singapore Society organised the Online Pre – Departure Talk 2021 on 24th July 2020 (Saturday). Information about visa or halls applications, events held by the society or vaccinations requirements were shared during the Read more…

Pre-Departure Talk 2020

Imperial College Singapore Society held it’s 1st ever Online Pre – Departure Talk 2020 on 25th July 2020 (Saturday). There was a lot of questions and queries raised due to the circumstances arising around Covid-19 Read more…

ICSS Leadership Elections 2020

The results for the ICSS Leadership Elections are out! Presenting to you the 38th Executive Committee. Congratulations to all elected candidates and thank you to all our members for taking part in the elections. Full Read more…

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