Iraqi Cultural Exhibition 2016

The Iraqi Cultural Exhibition




Imperial College Iraqi Society is proud to announce the arrival of London’s biggest Iraqi networking event – The Iraqi Cultural Exhibition – ICE. But this year it has been revolutionised to be bigger and better than ever before!

The Iraqi Cultural Exhibition has been privileged enough to host in excess of 400 guests every year with over 35 businesses and organisations attending! Join us on Sunday the 4th of December for a whole day of celebrating Iraq’s beautiful culture and history with lots of activities and shows put on for you on the day. Entrance is absolutely FREE and everyone is welcome: families, students, non-students, Iraqis, non-Iraqis and anyone else! 

ICE is our flagship event of the year and offers a unique day out for you to enjoy – doors will open at 12pm! Amazing Iraqi food, drinks, entertainment, chai and children’s activities will all be included. The event will take place at the Imperial College Queens’ Tower Rooms and the Great Hall, both located in the Imperial College Sherfield Building in South Kensington.

To celebrate this being our 6th Iraqi Cultural Exhibition, we have a whole range of new and exciting events lined up for you, including…

➨ Fantastic Iraqi singing and Oud performance by Alya Al-Sultani, Hasan Al-Midfai and Lilac Taie
➨ Speech from the Iraqi ambassador to the UK and the Iraqi Cultural Attaché head
Arabic and English poetry by world renowned Iraqi poets Falah Aljawahiri and Adnan Al-Sayegh
➨ Professional storytellers on Ancient Mesopotamia
➨ Iraqi art and photo gallery
➨ Iraqi Cultural and literature conference with poster presentations *New this year*
➨ Iraqi souk/bazaar
➨ A whole range of organisations and associations participating in the exhibition, including:

*The Iraqi Welfare Association*
*Al-Kindi Society for Engineers*
*The British Institute for the Study of Iraq*
*AMAR Foundation*
*The Iraqi Cultural Attache*
*The Iraqi Community Association*
*Iraqi Society UK Tawasul*
*Aqiq Charity*
*Iraqi Professionals UK*
*Iraq Britain Business Council*
*World Wide Welfare*
*Nina Iraqi Magazine*
*Iraqi Transnational Collective*
*Shakiry Charity*
*Organisation for Arabic Schools*
*Anglo Iraqi Studies Centre*
*Amin Al-Shati Art School*
*Iraqi Students Society*
*Al-Ain Charity*
*Al-Kawther Project by Al-Khoei Foundation*
*Awlad Al Taraf Forum*
*Ergen and Sharif Immigration Specialists*
*The Academic Iraqi Association*
*Imamia Medics International*

➨ Children’s activities
➨ A raffle and a Cultural quiz competition

The event will be televised by a number of Iraqi TV channels and magazines! We would like to thank our generous sponsors, the Iraqi Embassy in the UK, Al-Kindi Society for Engineers and the Iraqi Welfare Association.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

Imperial College Iraqi Society



New IraqiSoc Committee 2016/2017


IraqiSoc Committee 2016/2017  


Introducing the new IraqiSoc committee 2016/2017, all committed and enthusiastic about organising the best events to help you settle right into university life! We are a friendly team of 7 Imperial students…

  • PRESIDENT - Safa Al-Musawi
  • VICE-PRESIDENT – Zahraa Al-Mayahi
  • SECRETARY – Waseem Hasan
  • TREASURER – Zahra Al-Essah
  • EVENTS MANAGER – Mustafa Majeed
  • GENERAL COMMITTEE – Dalia Abdulhussein

We can’t wait to see what they’ll bring to IraqiSoc this coming year :)







We are VERY excited to invite you all to down to our very first event of the year; THE FRESHER’S MINGLE! We hope that we can see you all there for some good food, good entertainment and of course good chai! ENTRY IS FREE and so is the fun! We’ve got some prizes up for grabs for those who perform exceedingly well in some of our unique challenges! Can’t wait to meet you all there!

Facebook event page is on:

Also please go like our BRAND NEW Facebook page:

IraqsocMingle Flyer


New Committee 2015-16

2014-15 was a good year for Iraqsoc with lots of Iraqsoc’s flagship events maintained to a great standard. We’d like to thank the previous committee for their tremendous efforts and hope that the new committee can continue their legacy. Iraqsoc 2015-16 is looking prosperous with a BRAND NEW COMMITTEE on board.

  • CHAIR – Dalia Abdulhussein
  • VICE CHAIR – Safa Al-Musawi
  • JUNIOR TREASURER – Hasan Mohiaddin
  • EVENTS OFFICER – Zahraa Al-Mayahi
  • SECRETARY – Ali Abdall-Razak
  • SOCIAL REP- Mohaimen Al-zubaidy
  • PUBLIC RELATION – Meithem Ali
  • GENERAL COMMITTEE – Isra Hausien
  • GENERAL COMMITTEE – Hoda Kalabizadeh



ICE 2013!!


Iraqi Cultural Exhibition 2013 is finally here!

Dearest Members of IraqiSoc: Mar7aba!

Imperial College Iraqi Society is excited to announce the arrival of London’s biggest annual Iraqi networking event, the Iraqi Cultural Exhibition ICE on 22nd February 2013 starting at 6pm!

This year it comes with a twist!

Since 2008, ICE has been privileged enough to host in excess of 400 Iraqi guests every year! To celebrate this being our 5th Iraqi Cultural Exhibition, the event is being revolutionised to be bigger and more exciting than ever!

This year we bring you all the best of Iraqi artists, photographers, musicians, poets and your very own Iraqi souk!


We have the following lined up for you:

- Fantastic Iraqi Oud performance by *Ehsan Emam*

- Arabic Iraqi Poetry by the world renowned Iraqi Poets *Adnan Al-Sayegh* and *Adnan Hussein*  and English Iraqi Poetry by Zena!

- *NEW THIS YEAR* - Iraqi art and photo gallery:

Emad Altaay – (Artwork)

Amin Shati – (Artwork)

Raad Alsaffar – (Artwork)

Kawther Mohsen - (Artwork)

Anmar Metrood – (Photography)

Sa’ad Alfattal – (Photography)

Aram Issa Yousif – (Photography)

Shairouz Sharifi - (Photography)

Thamir Alkhafaji – (Ceramic Art)

Najlaa Khalil - (Textile Art)


*NEW THIS YEAR* – Iraqi Souk:

BB Hijabs

Boutique of Surprises

Al-Enaam Caterers

Delux Photography



Lamees Ibrahim

London Consultancy Centre


Mimi G

Nadjiba Sweets


Sahar Alkhudayr Jewellery

Sazamo Bridal

The Cake Factory

World Wide Welfare

Yasmin El-laibi



- We are extremely proud to be welcoming back our Iraqi organisations for the exhibition:

Al-Kindi Society for Iraqi Engineers

AMAR Foundation

Aqiq Charity

British Institute for Study of Iraq (BISI)

Enhenduana Society


Help the Needy

Iraqi Community Association

Iraqi Cultural Attache

Iraqi Cultural Centre London

Iraqi Embassy

Iraqi Medical Association

Iraqi Orphan Foundation

Iraqi Professionals UK

Iraqi Welfare Association

Iraqi Women Association Fund

Iraqi Youth Foundation

Save Iraq’s Children

Shwan Sharif Solicitors

Student Iraqi Medical Association

World Wide Welfare

There will be food, refreshments and chai. As usual the entry to this event is FREE and will be televised by Al-Iraqiya television.

We would also like to thank our generous sponsors, the Iraqi Cultural Centre London (ICCL) for funding of ICE 2013.

Visit our Facebook events page and share it with your friends:

We are so excited to see you all again!

Your Iraqi Society

Poster ICE 2013


“Health System in Iraq: An Overview with Dr Kamal Field and Jafar Albadran” – Thursday 24th January 2013

Ehlen we sehlen beekum!

In the 1980′s Iraq’s healthcare system was unparalleled in the middle-east; the country had by far the best medical facilities, so far that people used to travel to Iraq to receive optimal treatment. Following 2 decades of international sanctions continuous wars, the healthcare system dropped below to an all time low. The current main cause of death, by WHO research, shows that acute respiratory infections and diarrhoea are the main causes for infant mortality in Iraq, which is a staggering 44 deaths per 1000 live births in 2012, in comparison to the UK, who have a rate of 5 per 1000. Although the rise in the number of doctors, there has been no increase in the number of nurses and midwives, crucial vocations in any medical system; with only 1.38 nurses per 1000 people, the quality of care for the Iraqi patient is compromised.

This year Imperial College Iraqi Society will be bringing in Dr Kamal Field, Director of Research at the Iraqi Institute for Economical Reform in Baghdad, and Dr Jafar Albadran, Fellow of the British Computer Society, Data Storage Consultant at Deutsche Bank and researcher in the field of Iraqi Healthcare, to discuss the healthcare situation in Iraq. The talk will involve the current position of the medical care system, how it was in the past, highlighting the improvements, and discussing key ideas for projects currently starting up in Iraq. The talk will be in the format of a discussion, presentation and question and answer session.

Dr Field will also be discussing opportunities for student involvement in current on-going research with himself and Dr Albadranas they are endorsing student influence and encouraging interest in future projects. Current projects on going are on the National Health Insurance in Iraq, more detail of which will be offered in the evening with a chance to consider it further with Dr Field on the night. They are also welcoming any ideas, or research projects you wish to conduct using their facilities.

Time: Thursday 24th January 2013 at 6.30pm

Location: Huxley LT311 in Imperial College London

Follow our facebook events page:

We hope to see you next week!

All our love,


IraqiSOC: OSC Football Cup Winners!

A huge WELL DONE to the Iraqi Society football team for winning us the trophy for the OSC Football cup at Imperial College.

The OSC football cup is an annual tournament that involves all the Imperial OSC societies, for a chance to fight it out to win the cup. Iraqi Society last won the cup in 2009, again with excellent team members.

Let’s win more cups :D !


IraqiSOC Debate TOMORROW – Tuesday 6th November 2012


Imperial College Iraqi Society is excited to invite you to our annual Oxford-Union style debate about Iraq tomorrow Tuesday 6th November.

The motion for this year’s debate is:

“This house believes that all Arab countries should become one nation”

Arab nationalists believe that the Arab nation had existed as a historical entity prior to the rise of nationalism in the 19th–20th century. Join us as our debaters contest whether not such a notion is still a possibility amidst the Middle Easts’ current political climate. We look forward to seeing you all there, for what is guaranteed to be an interesting evening!

Feel free to contact us for any other enquiries. Refreshments will be provided. All are welcome!

Time: 18:30 – 20:30
Location: LT 1.47, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London, Prince Consort Road, SW7 2AZ

Inline image 1

Remember to join us on facebook and find us on twitter!

All our love,

Your Iraqi Society.


Tomorrow 12th June, 3:30pm. BE THERE!

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