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Fun Fact #1:
Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe that hasn't changed its name since it was first established.

Fun Fact #2:
Banitsa originated from Bulgaria.

Fun Fact #3:
The magical yoghurt drink are drank by many Bulgarians to cure hangovers.

Fun Fact #4:
Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, was founded 7000 years ago. This makes it the second oldest city in Europe.

Fun Fact #5:
Bulgarians express approval by shaking their heads rather than nodding. Myth Busted!

Fun Fact #6:
Every year on 1 March Bulgarians exchange martenitsas. Essentially, these are small pieces of adornment made of red and white thread that symbolise good health and happiness.

Fun Fact #7:
The Cyrillic alphabet originated from Bulgaria.

Fun Fact #8:
Bulgarian yogurt. It contains unique Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria used for its production that can only be found on the territory of the country.

Fun Fact #9:
The famous Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has a Bulgarian origin and he is named after his Bulgarian grandfather - Marko. His grandfather has emigrated from Bulgaria in 1940.

Fun Fact #10:
Bulgarians invented the first electronic computer, digital watch and car air bag.

Fun Fact #11:
Over 15,000 Thracian tombs have been discovered on the territory of Bulgaria. The bulk of them are yet to be explored.

Fun Fact #12:
Nearly one third of Bulgaria is covered in forests.

Here's a video with some fun facts about Bulgaria! ;D

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