Muslim Medics is committed to the supporting the holistic wellbeing of our members through:
a) engaging in discussions with the ICSM, ICU, staff, and hospital trusts to ensure that a safe environment is maintained for Muslim medical students to practice their faith
b) providing opportunities for our members to develop a constructive mindset and important life skills
c) holding socials and initiatives aimed at promoting positive mental wellbeing

Click here to learn more about our self-development and wellbeing campaign, I AM.

Click here to view the Prayer Room Doc containing all the info and directions for all the prayer rooms available at all Imperial sites.

Click here to view our pre-clinical years survival guide.
Click here to view our clinical years survival guide.

Study Skills Workshop: Click here to see Dr Emerson’s slides, and here to see Zain Islam’s slides.

If you have any further queries about our Wellbeing activities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.