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PotMed is for Potential Medical Students.

Calling all POTential MEDics … PotMed is BACK for its 16th year running! Tickets are limited, so purchase now to avoid disappointment!
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What is it?

PotMed aims to equip potential medical students with the tools and resources to help you through the application process. We’re part of Imperial College London’s Muslim Medics society. Our one-day Medical admissions crash course is just £25, and our all new MMI Intensive is just £15 – we’re far cheaper than other courses out there!

Who is it for?

PotMed is geared towards year 12/13 students (from September), as well as gap year and graduate entry applicants. However, younger students are welcome too, and many have attended in the past! We’re open to all students from all backgrounds!

Who we are

We’re a team of medical students who operate on a “for students, by students” ethos; we’ve gone through the application process ourselves and know just how tough it is. We also team up with doctors and lecturers to make sure you’re given the highest quality of information.

Why we are

Our vision is clear. We want to provide a course that is incredibly high-quality, but also affordable to open up the application process to all, including those from less privileged backgrounds. We want to inspire you to study Medicine & place you with the tools to craft your future and fulfil your dreams.

Our Journey

Ever since our very first PotMed on Sunday 17th September 2006, it’s continued to grow exponentially year-on-year and is now considered to be one of the most useful and unmissable events for any potential Medical Student, with many especially commuting from across the UK and beyond.

With tickets under £30, it’s far more affordable than other comparable courses in a business-dominated industry where it’s not uncommon to be charged in excess of £150 for a course of similar, and unfortunately in some cases, inferior quality.

And that’s what PotMed was all about. Opening up and widening the application process to all, so even those from less privileged backgrounds can be inspired to study Medicine and are placed with the same tools to craft their future and fulfil their dreams, something previously exclusive only to those able to afford expensive courses. Applying to Medicine should never be a privilege, it should be an open opportunity and perfectly-able students shouldn’t be denied the assistance and guidance that others can get with ease.

Your journey to becoming a doctor starts here.

Play it forward

We’ve been in your very position. We know how tough it is.

But we also now know exactly what it’s like on the other side. And it’s worth every moment of work you put in. So we want to help you so you too can have the rewarding experience of being a medical student and ultimately becoming a doctor.

What to expect

We don’t just want to teach you facts…

We want to create an interactive learning experience to equip you with the skills you need.


Valuable talks from Imperial College lecturers, doctors and current medical students to provide you with a specialist understanding on how to be a successful applicant.


A detailed tutorial about how best to approach and prepare for both Panel and MMI style mock interviews, with top tips and model answers from both students and Imperial faculty involved with the admissions process.

Personal Statement

Expert advice from current medical students on what goes into writing and fine-tuning a perfect personal statement.


A review of these entrance exams, with advice and top tips on how to tackle common question types and worked examples.

Q&A Panel

This is a unique opportunity to ask questions about the Imperial admissions process and life as a doctor directly to senior lecturers and admissions representatives.

Addressing Covid-19

Information addressing the key changes in the medical school application process as a result of Covid-19. This will include important information regarding online work experience, interviews and sitting the UCAT remotely.


Don’t just take it from us. Take it from our hundreds of satisfied attendees.


We’ve worked tirelessly for over 12 years to offer you the best possible event. That’s over a decade of listening to feedback to refine and hone PotMed to be the best it can be.

Overall the day was well-structured.
Strongly Agree or Agree 93%
The content covered was appropriate.
Strongly Agree or Agree 94%
Overall the day was useful.
Strongly Agree or Agree 100%
"I was told about PotMed as a Year 13 student by my brother; my school didn’t expect many people to apply for medicine, and hence didn’t offer much useful advice for a prospective applicant such as myself.

PotMed opened my eyes to the best ways to tackle the application process, with relevant information straight from medical students, as well as tangible advice about university life. I was able to improve my application and receive multiple offers, which would eventually lead me to end up studying at Imperial."
Zain Butt
4th Year Medical Student at Imperial

PotMed Head 2017-18

Attended PotMed 2014 as an applicant

I enjoyed the interview session the most because it highlighted to me that the panel type interview is quite difficult and nerve wracking, this is useful because it emphasised what skills I need to work on before applying for university.

2018 Attendee

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