PotMed is our annual flagship outreach project where we host a one day workshop delivered by Imperial lecturers and students to give prospective medical students the necessary tools and knowledge to get into medical school. You can read all about it here


Believe and Do Good (BADG) is a Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) campaign which occurs in February and allows universities to showcase the message of Islam through committing acts of goodness to benefit the local community.

It consists of 4 elements:

  • Feeding the homeless
  • Donating blood
  • Community clean up
  • A creative act of good

Watch out for BADG updates and opportunities coming to Imperial! Join our group here so you don’t miss anything!


Suture the Future (STF)

This is an initiative which aims to inspire and motivate underpriveleged A-Level students from Secondary Schools to apply for medicine. Workshops and talks consisting of why to study medicine and some practical tasks to complete make it an interactive day where we get Imperial Volunteers to deliver.


CIP Streets of London

Community Impact Projects (CIP) are a London-based inter-university volunteer group that run beneficial activities for the local community. Their one-day event, Streets of London, aims to provide all sorts of support including medical and dental advice, employment help, hot food and clothing, and haircuts for the homeless. This is the third Streets of London event since its successful launch in 2015, as the event runs bi-annually, once during the winter term and again in March.

CIP is characterised by a coming together of communities, so there can never be too many volunteers! Join our volunteers group here for more information and updates.


Homeless Drive

It is estimated that over 4000 people sleep rough in the UK every night, with almost 25% of these people living in London. To combat this, we shall in shaa Allah be running an initiative for volunteers to regularly distribute food and other essentials to those sleeping on the streets. Food is usually distributed at Lincoln’s Inn Field.

To find out more about this initiative and to sign up to volunteer, join our volunteers group here.


Refugee Tutoring

Knowledge is the key to opening doors and refugees may find access to teaching inaccessible for them to receive high quality tutoring. To aid refugees we will be asking volunteers to assist and tutor refugees in secondary schools Maths to assist them in their GCSEs to propel them in their future academic journey.

Charity Week

Charity Week, an Islamic Relief campaign set up by students and volunteers in 2003, is built upon a vision of inspiring young Muslims to work together to raise money for orphans and needy children worldwide. Imperial College has taken part in Charity Week for as long as we can remember, even winning the international competition in 2014, raising over £80,000 in just one week.

Unity is central to Charity Week and everyone is welcome to get involved! So follow this year’s campaign on Facebook for more information on upcoming events here.

Make sure to come to our Medicine and Humanitarian Aid: Charity Week Edition event where you’ll hear from our expert panel on the realities of medicine in this climate, and understand the fate of many a child worldwide.