The Outreach projects we hope to run during 2018-19 include:

  • PotMed – Assist 6th form students, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds, in applying to Medical School.
  • Suture the Future – Provide workshops to A Level students from underprivileged schools to inspire them to study Medicine.
  • Homeless Drive – Regularly distribute food and other essentials to those sleeping on the streets.
  • Believe and Do Good – Nationwide campaign undertaking activities that benefit the local community.
  • Refugee Tutoring – Assist and tutor refugees in GCSE Maths.


The Wellbeing campaigns that we hope to run during 2018-19 include:

  • I AM – Project aimed at increasing wellbeing and self-efficacy of students on campus through a series of talks, workshops, discussion circles, and online activities.


This project aims to promote self-development, spiritual and psychological well-being, encourage pastoral care as a responsibility amongst all members creating a unified, supportive community for all aspects of university life, break stigma around voicing concerns about general well-being, and increase access to professionals for mental health conditions.