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Principles of Medicine



Red blood cells, white blood cells, Cell abnormalities, Haemostasis, Blood plasma, Blood transfusion

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Genetics 1:

Modes of inheritance, Genetic disorders, Chromosomal abnormalities, Genetic susceptibility, Pharmacogenetics

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Genetics 2:

Phenotypic variability, Cancer genetics, Genetic testing, Emerging treatments

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Cells 1:

Cell metabolism (1 & 2),Ā Cell integrity,Ā Cell replication,Ā Cell signalling

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Cells 2:

Cell injury, cancer and inflammation

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Immunology 1:

Microbial infection, Antimicrobial therapies, Immune evasion, Antiviral agents

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Immunology 2:

Lymphocytes, Lymphoid tissues, Vaccinations

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Immunology 3:

Immune Tolerance, Hypersensitivity and Immune Response to Infection

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Bioregulatory Systems

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