Year One

Welcome to ICSM! MM is here to guide you through your first step in medical school with our famous weekly tutorials and revision days from Immunology Day, right through to CVS-Resp weekend. Also be sure to check out our Brainscape flashcards created on a topic-by-topic basis.

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Year Two

2nd year is a great chance to build on the preclinical knowledge you developed in 1st year and many also find it to be one of the toughest.

That's why Muslim Medics will be continuing our weekly tutorials complemented with our line-up of revision days including Neuro-Endo Day and Pharm. Weekend. We'll also be running a Mock OSPE in conjunction with other societies to assist you in your preparation for your first ever practical exam.

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Year Three

3rd year marks the start of your clinical years where you'll be out of the lecture theatre and into hospitals and GPs. Whilst the whole self-directed thing may feel a little overwhelming at first, do not fear because MM is here to help you along the way! Events we'll be running throughout the year include our intro to 3rd year event, our history and examination days, an ethics tutorial and of course our Mock OSCEs.

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Year Four

As you enter 4th year and embark on your unique BSc journey, make sure to come along to BSc and Beyond!

Through a range of talks and interactive workshops, we'll be focussing on accelerating your learning and developing key skills to prepare you for your incoming ICAs!


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Year Five

5th year is another challenging year of Medical School. Make sure to come along to MM’s Intro to 5th Year event where you'll be taken through the journey ahead and how to best navigate your course to excel in your exams and gain valuable hints, tips and advice.
We'll also be running our famed Mock PACES event to allow you to practice your skills in a setting created to emulate the experience of your real exam as closely as possible.

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Year Six

The end of your time at ICSM is just a stone's throw away, there's just a few final hurdles to jump over and we're with you every step of the way to make sure you become the most competent doctors in the country! We have a whole host of events for you including our intro to 6th year event, Academic Foundation Programme course with mock interviews, Surgical and Medicine finals crash courses and our much beloved Mock Final PACES.

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For any general academic enquiries, please contact us