Summer Concert

Traditionally every year on the night before finals results are released, we continue an old St. Mary’s Medical School ritual of putting on an evening of light music in a nice relaxed atmosphere over cheese and wine, enjoyed by students, doctors and parents alike – this is known as our ‘Summer Concert’. With the recent change of final year structure, we now hold the event in Finals’ Fortnight and the concert provides the perfect setting for us to say goodbye to our final years and celebrate their time with us as they fly the ICSM nest.

Audience members are serenaded with popular and classical music from many of the most talented musicians within the medical school, including many final years. Tickets include wine on every table, cheese, cold meats and other nibbles served during the interval. There is also a reasonably priced wine stall to top up as necessary! With the disappearance of Wilson House we have moved closer to Reynolds to St Alban’s Church, complete with lighting, decorations and balloons. This concert is one of the highlights in the medical school social calendar and is always very popular.


ICSM Music Society - pic9

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