Committee 2017-18

The society is run and maintained by students and this year’s committee is always at work to give you the best year possible. If you have any ideas, concerns, or expectations please get in touch.

If you’re interested in running for a committee position next year, you can find out more about each position here.


Emma Mittelman – Chairman Tania Profile Pic Tania Li – Vice Chair
Emily Ching – Treasurer Yasmin Hazemi – Secretary
10572127_10154487878795321_5069035395504036668_o Aiken Yam – Socials and Events Organiser Aeron dela Cruz – Socials and Events Organiser
Emma Duffett – Academic Officer Julia Dumesh – Friends & Alumni Officer
 Susana Rodrigues – Tour Manager

Team Orchestra

Callum Riley – Orchestra Conductor
Matilda Woodhill – Orchestra Manager William Jackson – Orchestra Manager

Team Choir

Dominic Lagrue – Choir Conductor
Committee pic - Vanner Michael Vanner – Choir Manager Natasha Halder – Choir Manager

Team Chamber Choir

Francis Melville – Chamber Choir Conductor


Team Jazz Band

Committee Profile Pic Toby Sinclair – Jazz Band Conductor Laurence Cox – Jazz Band Manager

Team Bands

Rory PP Rory Challenger – Bands Manager Lot PP Lothaire Gérard – Bands Manager

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