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Welcome to the Imperial College School of Medicine Music Society. We are the largest traditional society within the medical school, and we hope to cater for any taste you have in music— whether your idol is Alexander Borodin or Axl Rose we have a group for you. Most importantly, we do our best to get as many people involved as possible, whatever standard you are at – whether you have never sung before in your life, or you are Mozart in the making, you will find happiness in MusicSoc!

In addition to our weekly rehearsals and regular concerts, we have a lively social scene. Each year we go on a society-wide weekend away early in November, to escape both medicine and London. Last year’s took place in Oxford which proved an excellent venue and we will soon be plotting this year’s adventures! Every two years we embark on an international tour – we returned from a very successful trip to Prague in July 2016! If you missed it however, don’t worry, because tour 2018 is just around the corner… as well as regular post-rehearsal trips to the pub and takeaway socials!

Besides the jolly social scene we put on eight high quality classical concerts a year, including the opportunity to sing at the Royal Albert Hall for the Imperial graduation ceremonies. Jazz Band and Bands also perform at several gigs throughout the year at various venues.

A few years ago we also started a new scholarship for one fresher every year which pays for music lessons for their first three years at Imperial – an incredible opportunity.

If you’d like to get involved feel free to email us with any questions – this year’s committee are more than happy to help!

You can sign up to our mailing list here: https://mailman.ic.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/icsm-musicsoc

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