Jazz Band

We are made up of medics, engineers, scientists and vets that play a range of music from swing to funk. Jazz Band always welcomes new members; if you sing or play there’s a space for you!

We meet every Sunday evening from 7pm in the Reynolds Basement Music Room to rehearse, and play many gigs during the course of the year. We have played regular gigs every term ranging from pubs, care-homes and 5-star hotels to night clubs, concert venues and theatres; both in the UK and abroad. We have played to audiences as intimate as 20 people, all the way up to over a thousand.

If you are interested in joining Jazz Band or have any questions please get in touch with one of our Jazz Band managers Colette or Sevan. For photos and recording from previous gigs, please head over to our media page.




Team Jazz Band


Biranavi Kirupakaran

Jazz Band Conductor




Colette Emery

Jazz Band Manager




Sevan Vlieghe

Jazz Band Manager