35mm List

35mm Film

Fuji Neopan 400


Competitor to the HP5, this film is ideal for all round use, and tends to be slightly more contrast and modern looking than the hp5.

APX 100

Price: £2.00 (35mm)
Stock: A Few (35mm)

The AGFA APX Photo is essentially the same film as the Rollei Retro. Good and cheap if you require 100 speed film. developed with Kodak T-max developed with Kodak T-max developed with Kodak T-max

Fujifilm Astia 100

Price: £3.00 (120)
Stock: On Request (120)

Fuji Superia 400

Price: £2.50 (35mm)
Stock: Plenty (35mm)

Fujicolor Superia is a all round, all purpose colour film. It has the benefit of being cheap, and at 400 speed you can use this film to capture action, or situations where there is little light. Not as fine grained as other colour film.

Rollei Retro 400

Price: £2.00 (35mm)
Stock: On Request (35mm)

Rollei Retro 400 is a faster version of this reasonably cheap film. Ideal for general purpose applications though it doesn’t have a ‘stamp of a professional film’ like Ilford, or Fuji but this film is still reliable. In my experience the film can be fairly contrasty and exhibits a strong grain structure. Great for photojournalist …

Fuji Pro 400H

Price: £4.00 (35mm) £2.50 (120)
Stock: On Request (35mm) On Request (120)

Fujicolor pro 400H is a muted film delivering accurate skin tones with exceptional smoothness (film uses Fuji’s ‘most highly professional colour emulsion’). But the big advantage is its high speed: At ISO400 you will be able to shoot in a wide range of situations.

Fuji Sensia 100

Price: £3.00 (35mm)
Stock: On Request (35mm)

Fuji Sensia 100 is a slide film all rounder. Ideal for wildlife, landscapes, portraits, it’s not quite as stunning as Velvia, but it still retains vivid colour, and detail but for a much lower price. Perfect for those wanting an affordable batch of slides, or those wanting to cross process some film (remember to check …

Fuji Velvia 100

Price: £4.00 (35mm) £3.00 (120)
Stock: On Request (35mm) On Request (120)

Velvia 100 is the faster variant of its world famous ‘little brother’ the Velvia 50. One of the most famous colour films ever produced, Velvia has enabled wildlife and landscape photographers to get those truly breathtaking shots in vivid colour. If colour is your thing, you MUST shoot a roll of Velvia, there really isn’t …

Ilford Delta 3200

Price: £4.00 (35mm)
Stock: On Request (35mm)

Ilford Delta 3200 is the highest speed film in its range. Slightly pricey, the 3200 lets you take photos with remarkable highlight detail in places that would be impossible without a flash. Some photographers claim to have pushed the film to ISO 25000 which may produce some serious grain, but at lower speeds the grain …

Fomapan 400

Price: £2.00 (35mm)
Stock: On Request (35mm)

Fomapan 400 film is nice alternative to the more well known films such as Tri-x and hp5. It doesn’t claim amazing quality, but this is a result of it being produced in the way of traditional emulsions. Great for learning the art of photography, and at a reasonable price.