Here are the rules that we all have to follow when using the darkroom. They are here for everyone’s benefit – they may look boring, but please take the time to read them. Remember, getting caught disobeying any of these can lead to your suspension from the society. You have been warned!

  • The darkroom is only for members of the Imperial Photographic Society.
  • To get into the darkroom, show your membership card to Security, then sign the logbook. You are then responsible for all the equipment and you will be given the key.
  • None of the equipment can be removed from the darkroom.
  • You may store your chemicals and paper in the darkroom in the cabinet provided at your own risk. If they are placed in the “Members only” cabinet they might be used by other members of the society. Unlabelled or outdated chemicals will be removed by the Darkroom Manager.
  • Before using any new chemicals you should make sure that you read the instructions and the warnings very carefully.
  • Ask any of the committee members if you are unsure of any of the effects of the chemicals. During the lessons you will be reminded of the safety rules.
  • There is a ventilator in the darkroom which will remove all of the chemical scents to avoid any nausea or other effects.
  • The Darkroom Manager ensures that none of the chemicals in the darkroom are out of date. Any problems with the darkroom can be reported to him.
  • Do not consume the chemicals.
  • You can use special plastic gloves of your own when handling the chemicals. The society provides tongs for the members to use in order to keep their hands dry. There is no need for you to use your hands when developing and printing pictures.
  • There are logsheets where you must fill in what you have used during your time in the darkroom.
  • If something is lost or damaged you are advised to write it in the Darkroom Logbook and to inform Beit Security and a committee member.
  • After you have used the darkroom, you must make sure that the equipment is clean and all the rubbish is in the bin before you leave the darkroom. If the room is messy after you leave, you will be suspended from the darkroom until you have a chat with the Management! If you find the darkroom in a state, you should report it but also clean it up before leaving.
  • Lock up the darkroom when you leave and return the key to Security, and fill in the remaining columns in the logbook.

Chemicals and Paper are free to use for darkroom members, however excessive use may result in a bill for you to pay. If you are printing or developing in any suffcient quantity it is recommended that you purchase and use your own consumeables.