Media suite & darkroom location

Go to the Beit security office to both book the darkroom and sign out the key. It’s just on the right of the entry to Beit Quad. Ask for key 16 for the darkroom key. You’ll need a darkroom card to sign out the key.

Now you can access the media suite and darkroom with your college ID card. PhotoSoc membership gives you access to the media suite only, and darkroom membership gives you access to both.

From the entrance of Beit, walk into the Quad. To the left there is a door, which your swipe card should open (this is the entrance to the ICU media centre). Go in and down the stairs, turn left, and the media suite is the first door on the right. The darkroom is the first door on the left inside the media suite. If it has the red light on outside the door, make sure you knock before entering, as if someone is developing film, it could be ruined by external light from the door opening.

Directions to the darkroom