Photosoc has its own darkroom for use by members. We also offer free inductions if you’re unsure about joining beforehand. Membership can be bought from the union website. You will need to have a darkroom induction before you can use the darkroom; details of when inductions are happening are below. To use it you there is no need to book, just pick up key 16 from Beit security or once your Imperial card has been updated you may use this to access the media basement and the darkroom (see map). See the instructions below.

If you don’t know how to use the darkroom, but want to learn, there are plenty of lessons for beginners. Have a look below for any tutorials coming up or email the darkroom manager at the address below to inquire!

It’s also important for all users to be familiar with the rules of the darkroom. We don’t want to find any people collapsed in the corner from sniffing chemicals!

We also have a Facebook group for members to discuss all things darkroom & film related. Anyone is welcome to join.

For all darkroom related queries contact the darkroom manager –photosoc@icphotosoc.co.uk

Darkroom Location

The darkroom is located in the basement of Beit West Wing please refer to the map

Tutorials schedule

Inductions will be run at the beginning of each year, and can be run midterm on request.

Using The Darkroom

When you turn up for darkroom you must sign the logbook in order to obtain the darkroom key (number 16) from the security guard at the entrance to the quad. Members are able to use the chemicals & paper provided, but must note down in the logsheet (in the darkroom, just inside the door) exactly what they use. Members are reminded to check that the lights and water are off, and that the darkroom is in a tidy state before leaving (see the rules).

When you leave, PLEASE remember to put the key back in security – it is incredibly frustrating to come in for a darkroom session only to find that someone has walked off with the key. If you come out of the darkroom late and there is no guard on duty, either phone Sherfield security from the phone next to the security lodge door, or simply post the key through the letterbox of the security lodge.

Photosoc Film

For those interested in film photography, experimenting with different film to find a desired effect or quality is both rewarding and important. We stock a range of 35mm and 120 films which will hopefully satisfy the curiosity of our inquisitive members, whilst we also stock more ‘typical’ films for those who prefer the more reliable types. Choosing can be tricky, especially if you’ve never shot with it before and have no idea how grainy or contrasty the film is. This page should help you pick film ideal for the type of photography you are interested in. Along with preview images, description, price, and stock check, just run your cursor over the picture and check out the grain pattern!

Film Format

35mm film

120mm film