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Photowalk/Gallery Trip


This coming Saturday (5th) we will be taking a stroll along the Thames to have a look at the World Press Photo Exhibition in the Southbank Centre and the Christmas Market that has set up camp near there.

Weather permiting, we can also explore the area which has a wide range of things to see including the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and a skate park! If you want to come along meet us in Beit Quad at 12 o’clock on Saturday. We will be taking the tube to Embankment so don’t forget to bring along your Oyster Cards!

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Darkroom Sessions


We will be running some more darkroom sessions. This time though they’ll be for less people to walk you through developing a film and printing some pictures.
The first of these will happen NEXT WEDNESDAY, the 25th, FROM 12.30pm TO 2.30pm!.
This session will be for 3-4 people, to walk you through developing a film and printing from it.
So if you have a film you need to develop, and you’re not too confident to do it by yourself, then just drop us an email to sign up for the session.

Also, I think it’s a good time to reiterate some housekeeping rules for the darkroom.
The most important rule is that when you finish, tidy up after yourself. This means that if you use developing tanks or printing trays, wash them up and leave them to dry.
If the sink gets too cluttered with stuff drying, then tidy the stuff away.
Also, put rubbish and stuff in the bin.
If the darkroom is left in a state, it makes me cry because I spent hours tidying it during the summer for your use.

Similarly, dispose of chemicals correctly.
Developer can go down the sink.
Stop goes back in the big stop bottle.
Fix goes into bottles of your own that are CLEARLY LABELED.
Chemicals are expensive, and I don’t like buying them if I don’t have to.

So if you just bear those rules in mind, everything will be fine.

Hope to see some of you next week,

Introduction to Photography Tutorial


This Saturday (21st November) we will be holding an “Introduction to Photography” lecture/Q&A session. It will start at 1pm in Meeting Room 3 (East basement of Beit) and consist of an hour or so of use explaining to you the basic concepts of photography (what is shutter speed, aperture etc…). After this you will be welcome to ask us any specific questions you may have on photography or about your camera.

If you would like to come then please email us with“Photo Tutorial” in the title and we will reserve you a place.

Portobello Road Market


Hey boys and girls,

This sunny Saturday we will be taking a trip to the famous Portobello Road market. There is an awesome antiques market with lots of cool stalls including some very nice camera ones and there are lots of opportunities for some street photography. Here is a website for all you technologically minded people ( We shall be meeting at the Union at 12.30 and we will then proceed by bus to Notting Hill.

Unfortunately the Photoshop tutorial that we had planned for this week will have to be postponed because, as you may well have heard, the lock on the darkroom door has died! However we will be meeting on Thursday 1-2pm at the usual place (back room of Felix) for people to come and ask any questions they may about anything photography related. Or anything else for that matter!

Hope to see you on Saturday!


Our First Photowalk


Diving straight in, our first event is THIS SATURDAY AT 1PM.
It’s going to be an amazing trip through Green Park, past Buckingham Palace, and around Westminster.
So if you want to come along and take some photos, or just enjoy the scenery, meet us IN BEIT QUAD at 1PM!!
Make sure you bring your oyster cards or some money for a bus, and most importantly your cameras.


For anyone interested in film, we will have some on sale.

Finally, don’t forget to buy your memberships by going on to the Union website and following the instructions there.

Hopefully see you guys on SATURDAY,

Kim Jon Il (Jonathan Kim – Chairman)

P.S. if you have any enquiries, please email us at

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