Face facts

Think we're good at recognizing faces? Think a turn out to be a matter of life or death.

In Other News...
SIZE really isn't everything you know
New findings by scientists at Imperial College London have cast doubt on the legacy of 'the island rule'.

Shake on it
Girls, forget about Facebook and trawling through his old text messages – the key to your boyfriend's past lies in his handshake.

Magnetic personality
Physical attraction has reached another level for Aurel Raileanu. The 40-yearold Romanian claims that he can attract metal, enabling him to stick objects – as small as a paper clip or as large as a TV set – directly to his body.

What differentiates a lightweight from a heavyweight when it comes to drinking? Identifying the genes involved is tricky in humans due to a lack of control over both genetic and environmental factors.

Handlebar heroes
Take your mind back to the month of November. Perhaps you noticed an increase in the number of mustachioed men walking our streets? If so, you may have been witness to some of the hundreds of men growing a moustache for charity.

Wellcome flesh
Late last year, the Wellcome Collection played host to 'Materials Library Presents Flesh: an experimental and experiential insight into the materiality of flesh'.

In This Issue...
Fly me to the Moon
Nira Datta and Tamsin Osborne talk to British documentary maker Chris Riley about his latest film, In the Shadow of the Moon.

Whatever happened to...?
FLORA GRAHAM wonders when the next deadly epidemic will come... and go
Pretty pictures
Andrew Turley is impressed by a new collection of spectacular scientific images.

What colour are your balls?
Pink is due to headline in cricket. Before you angst-ridden girls and guys get excited, we don't mean the singer, but the colour. That's right – no longer restricted to fairy tale princesses, the Pink Panther, or that crispy wafer biscuit at birthday parties for fiveyear- olds – pink is coming to a game near you.


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