Crystal clear14/02/2008
Think that crystals look pretty? They're not only nice to look at – they also help us to understand how complex proteins work.

Smart Medicines14/02/2008
Applying engineering principles to the manufacture of machines, albeit biological ones, seems intuitive but it also has enormous potential for engineering our own biology.

The living computer14/02/2008
One of the most fascinating potential devices to come from synthetic biology is a biological computer – a 'living computer' – capable of processing functions in the biological world, such as the inside of a human cell, or in environments where conventional computers cannot go, like the ocean floor. Researchers at Imperial developed an oscillator from E. coli bacteria earlier this year.

Biological revolution14/02/2008
Living machines? Modular biology? These terms seem counterintuitive but they are becoming part of the vernacular at Imperial College's Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology. Brett Cherry and Tim Sands went to find out what they mean.

From the Editor - Enhancement Enchantment20/03/2006
The Editor of Issue 4, Mun-Keat Looi, ponders on the possibilities of human enhancements.

Engineering Man (2)20/03/2006

Engineering Man (1)20/03/2006

Extinction on a Grand Scale20/03/2006

"Happy Anniversary, Einstein"20/03/2006

Twike Around the Block19/06/2005

In Search of the God Particle19/06/2005

Drugs and Bugs19/06/2005

The Colourful World of the Honey Possum19/06/2005

Is Ozone Eating a Hole in Our Food Supplies?31/02/2005

Peering into a gas giant31/02/2005

How Real Is The Threat?31/02/2005

From the Editor - Crazy Kary Mullis80/62/006
The Editor of Issue 5, Mun-Keat Looi, questions the origins of genius - extreme brainpower, or just plain insanity?

Scientists with Stars in their Eyes80/62/006

"Pass me the scalpel, Mummy"80/62/006

From the Editor - Science or Religion?11/22/005
The Editor of Issue 3, Mun-Keat Looi, has his two cents worth on this fierce debate.

I Want my Freedom!11/22/005

Where are all the Women?11/22/005

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