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Scientists map sarcasm brain region: yeah right
In a breakthrough that will assuredly change human life as we know it forever, Israeli scientists have mapped the `anatomy of sarcasm'...

NASA's horoscope takes turn for the worse
A Russian astrologer is starting court proceedings against NASA because she fears the Deep Impact mission to bombard the comet Tempel 1 would "disrupt the natural balance of the universe"...

How to gauge a security guard
A quick way to assess the likelihood of security guards "getting in your face"...

"Lie down, get smart"
I, Science is calling for students to be allowed to take exams from their beds...

Robodoc on patrol in St Mary's Hospital
St Mary's NHS Trust and Imperial College have taken inspiration from a 1987 film to develop a robot that allows experts to examine and communicate with hospital patients remotely...

Tanaka hope for losers
The clumsily titled 2005 Tanaka Business School Business Plan Competition has been won by 'Doh! Lost & Found', a team who use ID tags to reunite lost laptops and personal electronics with forgetful owners...

Imperial grab hatrick
Imperial's Department of Materials swept the board at the prestigious, if not famous, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining Awards, winning more than any other institution...

Ain't no surf on early Earth
Ancient seas were almost tideless, so say researchers from Imperial's department of Earth Sciences and Engineering. A new model simulates how tides in North West Europe would have behaved 300 million years ago, in an era before dinosaurs, long-boards or wetsuits...

Imperial gets new fellows
Two Imperial scientists are among the 44 new fellows the Royal Society has just welcomed to its ranks...

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Tom Simonite was a managing editor on issues 1 and 2 of I, Science. He also wrote the Imperial and other news for issue 2 and was co-editor on the issue 2 events section.

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