To join the Space Electronics project or to get more information, email, or turn up to one of our sessions which are held every Tuesday.

Space Electronics – £15

October – March

Space Electronics deals with, well, electronics, for, um, spacecraft. Over the course of the first term, informal lectures will give a broad overview of electronics, from semiconductors to circuit design, with a view to scientific instrumentation and designing electronics to handle the rigors of spaceflight. In the past, electronics has been the home to the rover project, headed by Morgan Nightingale – which recently took home first place at the UKSEDS/RALSpace/Thales Athenia competition last summer. But don’t miss out on the fun – there are improvements to make to the rover! – specifically in the form of a brand-new PCB and circuit design. In addition, we plan to work closely with the cubesat project with an eye to providing scientific payload and electrical systems design (comms, power, etc) for the project.
Meetings are on Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm.

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