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Cubesat – £10

Want to get involved in a dynamic, educational, innovative, multidisciplinary, and of course really fun design and build project?
Join ICSS CubeSat this year, where we will be embarking on a project to produce a 10x10x10cm cubic satellite! We will be meeting remotely every Monday at 6pm to share our ideas, and engineer our designs into reality!
We will be dealing with all aspects of satellite design; electronics, control systems, mechanical structures, microprocessors, orbital design, even space regulations – so anyone of any discipline is welcome to join, and we will all learn together.
Come and join in now, and we can work towards sending our CubeSat into space! The process to get there may take some time, but we have plenty of interesting side projects along the way; building a cubic 3D inverted pendulum to test our control systems and mechanical design, building a satellite that fits into a tin can in order to test our electronics and ground station, and many more activities to get stuck into!
Feel free to email either of our co-leaders Ben ( or João ( with any questions. Hope to see you there!

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