Rumour has it that ICSEDS was founded in medieval times by one of the knights of Camelot. Tragically all our archives from this era were lost in the Great Fire of London. What we know for sure of our history is given below.

UKSEDS, our parent organisation (possibly set-up by the wizard Merlin), was founded in 1988 at the Science Museum and according to their founding committee ICSEDS was one of the very first branches and Imperial College members were involved in the committees for the next few years.

“I was the Vice Chairman on the first [UKSEDS] committee and we also set up a chapter at Imperial College (Charmian Leaver was chairman of the IC chapter).” – Jason Hatton

“The following year, 90/91 […] [we] published an (almost) monthly UKSEDS magazine (printed at the Imperial College print shop).” – Joe Reale

In 2004 SSETI, the society in the most similar format to how we run it today was created. The society saw public success in 2006 when members were short-listed in the Best Student Achievement category of the Sir Arthur Clarke for their work on designing, building and launching a satellite: “On the Red Carpet into Space”.

“The University of Kent had their Fluid Loop Actuator project to fly on a zero-g parabolic flight back in a similar time frame, as did Imperial College with their Foam in Space project for a Shuttle GASCan.” – Richard Osborne

In 2009 the name was changed from SSETI to ICSEDS and the society officially affiliated with UKSEDS. An article written by the chair for the UKSEDS members magazine can be found here: ICSEDS article in UKSEDS Aurora March 09.

In 2011/12 the society sadly became inactive but was refounded in the summer of 2012 by Zoë Versey and Joseph Dudley.

The newly revived society saw eleven members attend the annual UKSEDS conference in February 2013 (FELIX 8th March 2013, page 11) and a total of four members elected onto the UKSEDS committee making ICSEDS the most represented society on the national committee that year.

In May 2013 we launched the society’s first ever High Altitude Balloons (FELIX 10th May 2013, page 4), though we sadly lost them both, we’ve learnt a lot for future projects.

Past Committees


Chair – Richard Haythornthwaite
Secretary – Hanae Tilquin
Treasurer – Cameron Morrison
Industrial Liaison Officer – Alexander Montgomerie-Corcoran
Outreach Officer – Isabella Merritt
Projects Officer – Wern Ng
Events Officer – Robert King
PR Officer – Hanae Tilquin
Junior Rocket Commander – Harry Xie
Senior Rocket Commander – Kevin Vandabona
CubeSat Project Officer – Romain Clement De Givry
CubeSat Mission Commander – Harry Churchill
Electronics Project Officer – Henry Eshbaugh
Balloon Commander – Ignaty Romanov-Chernigovsky
Chief Engine Designer – Patryk Szczepanski


Chair – Emmanuel ‘TeeJay’ Taiwo
Vice-Chair – Joseph Dudley
Secretary – Catherine Claudet
Treasurer – Andy Lamb
Outreach Officer – Adam Braithwaite
Projects Officer – Alex Lozinski
Events Officer – Zoë Edwards
Sponsorship Officer – Madeleine Alexander
PR Officer – Bhavik Bhatt


Chair – Zoë Versey
Vice-Chair – Joseph Dudley
Secretary – Vidyasagar
Treasurer – Bhavik Bhatt
Industrial Liaison Officer – Brendan Gillatt
Outreach Officer – Akash Trivedi
Projects Officer – Emmanuel ‘TeeJay’ Taiwo
Events Officer – Ritvik Anand
Sponsorship Officer – Ridwan Amin
PR Officer – Evan Meyrick
Webmaster – Paul Bartholomew