Chair / President – Matvey Boguslavskiy

” Hi! I’m a 3rd year Design Engineering student. I joined the ICSS because of my deep interest and love for space technology and the future, and am thrilled to now be its acting Chair!

In my first year I fell in love with Hackathons, and have been organising them with the Space Society for two years now. I am also a part of the CubeSat project, due to how much I enjoy solving and designing for challenges while learning something new.

Contact me at for any questions regarding the society!”

Hackathon Officer – Adam Brzosko

” Hi, I’m Adam, a 4th year physics student and this year’s Space Soc Hackathon Officer. I joined ICSS two years ago and participated in the high powered rocketry project, working on electronics and telemetry. This year I plan on sticking with the same team, so if you are interested in electronics in general, Arduino, circuits, controls, flight data collection and processing or anything related, I’d love to have a chat! “

Chief Engine Designer – Theodore Macklin

” I’m a fourth year Mechanical with Nuclear Engineering student. I’ve been involved with ICSS since 2018, working in and now leading the Rocket Engine Design Project. I’m interested in all things space, but especially propulsion, power, and spacesuits! I’m a design purist and I think that designing things for space is the ultimate engineering and optimization challenge. “

CubeSat Mission Commander – Filip Szczebak

” Hi everyone – I’m Filip and I’m a 2nd-year Mechanical Engineering student. This year with Piotr I am leading the CubeSat project, where we are sending a CubeSat outside the solar system:) So if you are up for some solar sailing come to us for a chat! My favourite part of space exploration? Probably the fact that there is sooo much more to explore beyond Earth and we as humans are just starting – so I’m very optimistic about what the near future will bring. “

Senior Rocket Commander – Vaclav Pavlicek

“Hi, I am Václav – a second-year EIE student leading the High Power-Rocketry project. Since a young age I am interested in space exploration and I consider myself a huge space enthusiast. I watched many spacecraft launches. It all started with the Space Shuttle and now I am keen on watching Falcon 9 landings. 

Last year, I participated in the rocketry project and enjoyed it! This was the reason why I decided to run the project this year. If you would like to join the project or you have got a question please do not hesitate to contact me at 

Btw. I was born exactly 40 years after Gagarin’s first flight and therefore I believe that space exploration is my destiny. “

Chief Electronics Designer – Jakub Jedrzejewski

” My name is Jakub and I have been a member of Electronics Team in Space Society for two years. I have years’ experience in electronics, I have developed and led many projects involving power electronics and physics, which allowed me to learn and gain experience in these topics. This year I will lead the Electronics team, so if you are interested in electronics please do join us! “