“We are the Imperial space society. We are students with a passion for space exploration who are eager to make it a reality, running space projects, events, and outreach activities.”

Imperial Space Society is your chance chance to gain skills and hands-on experience of space technology working on real space projects, to meet new people and make valuable contacts at space events, and to inspire and educate the next generation through outreach activities in local schools

Share our love of the beauty of the wider universe that exists beyond our humble atmosphere? Perhaps you relish the thought of the opportunities that await us up there, or maybe you just want to shoot stuff into the sky. Whatever your dreams, and whatever your skills, ICSEDS is eager to have you on board!

We are a branch of UKSEDS, whose mission is to be a forum for communication in the space community, and together we have built partnerships with industry which provide our members with access to a network of contacts and careers opportunities. Join us to take part in a number of exciting projects, unique opportunities and to play your part, no matter how small, in turning the dreams of many to a reality!

If you’re really interested, you can read our constitution here.