The real reason we started ICSEDS is to play with rockets. Rockets are cool. To join one of our rocketry projects or to get more information, email, or turn up to one of our sessions which are held every Tuesday (for Model Rocketry) and Thursday (for High Powered Rocketry), from 6pm to 8pm. Check the calendar for more details.

Model Rocketry (MR) – £25

October – March
If you’re a complete beginner, then Model Rocketry is the place to start. We’ll teach you the basics of rocket theory and give you a kit rocket to build in your first few weeks. Once you’ve built it you get to decorate and personalise it.

We’ll move you on to more advanced rocketry. You’ll use rocket CAD software to design your own rocket from scratch – a high flyer, multi-stage, cluster, or scale model. We’ll order the parts at the end of term and you’ll start building after January exams in preparation for a launch in the spring.

Get your ticket on the Union website

High Powered Rocketry (HPR) – £25

October – March
If you completed the Model Rocketry course last year or have previous rocketry experience then you can start working on a larger, more powerful rocket, which was designed last year to carry special payloads, and break the sound barrier. Later you’ll be designing even  more challenging rockets for the future as well as launch components.

Get your ticket on the Union website

Launches – ~£10 each

Most of our launches are held at the East Anglican Rocketry Society (EARS) launch site near Cambridge. They will happen on Sunday 2nd November, 7th December, 1st March, 5th April, or 3rd May depending on the weather and the readiness of our rockets. There may be alternative launch arrangements for small rockets.

Here are some pictures from previous rocketry sessions: