To join the Cubesat project or to get more information, email, or turn up to one of our sessions which are held every Monday at 6pm.

Cubesat – £10

October – March
Ever dreamed about launching your own satellite into space?
Join the CubeSat project! We meet every Monday at 6pm to work on a mini satellite that conforms to the CubeSat standard.
From electronics for the internal circuitry, propulsion system, antennas and sensors, mission design and orbital mechanics, structural and thermal analysis, to dealing with space environment, the project is extremely diverse, and so is the expertise needed. So whatever your background, skills or area of interest (any is fine, we’ll learn together), join the team and make your dream come true!
Note that launching a satellite into space is a long-term project that will require more than one academic year to be realized, and a certain degree of commitment from the members. No need to worry though, we will have smaller side projects and workshops to keep everything fun.

Feel free to email any questions to (Sena, project organizer) or (Romain, mission commander). We hope to see you there!

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