Talk by The Engineering Company – 6th February 2018

On the 6th of February, ICSEDS had its first industry event of the year! Parikshat Singh, an ICSEDS alumnus, gave a talk on his startup “The Engineering Company”, which is working on revolutionising the industrial design process by applying software development techniques to hardware. In the last two years since its founding, it has raised over £3 million and has attracted support from VC experts such as former Microsoft board members.

Talk by LenaSpace – 22nd February 2018

LenaSpace is a space startup which focuses on propulsion technology for space launchers. In addition, the startup is looking for ways to use space technologies on Earth.
The talk, given by LenaSpace CCO Natasha Allden, will focus on the uprbringing of this space startup, as well as on what LenaSpace is doing.