Director-General – Robert King

Rob is a 3rd Year Physicist and former Events Officer behind the planning of the legendary Cologne trip last year. This year he has stepped up to the role of group Secretary responsible for communication with members, booking rooms, and taking endless notes at meetings.

Treasurer/PR Officer – Jonas Sinjan

I’m a 4th Year Physicist, born in Belgium but lived all over the world. I have been a member of the society for 3 years; last year I took my first step into the committee as events officer and decided to upgrade from ordering pizza to become Treasurer for my final year of studies.

Secretary – Katie Simkins

Katie is a 4th year Physics student, who has been a member of ICSS for most of her uni life. Cashing in on her natural talents (being able to read and write), she thought she’d give the role of secretary a go. She’ll be a point of contact for society members, so don’t be afraid to get in touch!

Senior Rocket Commander – Nikhil Dawda

Hi my name is Nikhil and I am currently a 3rd Year Aeronautical Engineering Student. I’ve been working in High Powered Rocketry since year one and am super excited to be leading it this year. This year we will be working on both a supersonic and a competition rocket. All are welcome to the team as long as you’re enthusiastic and willing to learn

Chief Engine Designer – Theodore Macklin

Theo is a second year Mechanical Engineering student who joined the Engine Design Project last year. He wants to get a hybrid engine finished off this year and play around with with active cooling although he doesn’t consider it an engine unless it has spin-y bits and pump-y bits. He seems to consider everything on a rocket except the engines a waste of budget and keeps wittering on methalox engines or something stupid like that.

Balloon Commander – Medad Newman

Medad Newman is a 2nd Year Design Engineering student. He is very interested in Electronics and building stuff.