Director-General – Richard Haythornthwaite

Also known as “El Presidente”, Richard is a 4th year Physicist and confessed Musk groupie with a passion for anything spacey. After leading the High Powered Rocketry group, he is planning on leading ICSEDS into a new glorious dawn of the UK Space Sector. His presidental role includes chairing meetings, organising the running of the society and making sure fun is had by all.

Administrator / PR Officer – Hanae Tilquin

Hanae is a 2nd year Physicist, who first started off at ICSEDS as a member of the Model Rocketry Project. Her current roles at ICSEDS include taking care of the daily administration of the society (such as room bookings and going after you if you’re late for payments), updating the website and managing the publicity around ICSEDS events and opportunities.

Treasurer – Cameron Morrison

Cameron is a 2nd Year Aeronautics student. As the Treasurer of the ICSEDS he is the money man – any expenditure is sorted out by him. If you have questions regarding funding of projects, direct them his way.

Event Officer – Robert King

Rob is a 2nd year Physicist and proud member of the HAB project who first blasted into the ICSEDS scene at the annual Kerbal Space Program event where he won the prize for best space station. He then decided he liked that event so much that he’d quite like to organise them himself. The events officer is responsible for coordinating all ICSEDS events from the infamous KSP challenge to buying pizza for the end of term quiz.

Industrial Liaison Officer – Alexander Montgomerie-Corcoran

Alex is a 3rd year Electrical and Electronic Engineer, who has participated in different ICSEDS projects and has come to realise the importance of sponsorship. He hopes that this year he can find ICSEDS some money to send a satellite to space, or a least get HAB some balloons.

General projects Officer – Wern Ng

Wern is the current General Project Officer for ICSEDS, a role that he ironically criticized for being useless two years ago, when the person holding the position was basically absent, and as the Secretary all the responsibilities were shoved onto him. He later served as Chair for last year’s committee, despite hailing from the mysterious lands of Chemistry, so if you’re reading this and think that your degree can’t get you involved in space and ICSEDS, think again because there’s loads of ways to help out! 😀
The GPO is responsible for the general organization of the six projects under ICSEDS, facilitating inter-project communication and enforcing the recording of their weekly activities, which sounds really vague and hence susceptible to being lazy. One then wonders why he still took up a position in the first place, to which the prospect of sipping more space tea and becoming a living meme was too much bait to resist. And so here he is juggling a position, which he mocked, with his final year project. God bless this fool.

Junior Rocket Commander – Harry Xie

Harry is a 2nd year Physicist, who likes space almost as much as video games. Having been a member of the Model Rocketry Project last year, he decided he liked it so much he would stay on for a bit longer to run the project.
The Junior Rocketry Commander is responsible for organising the Model Rocketry project.

Senior Rocket Commander – Kevin Vandabona

Kevin is a 3rd Year Aeronautical Engineer who after countless nights spent on Kerbal Space Program and a year of sanding rocket tubes on last year’s High Powered Rocketry (HPR) team has finally learned to point the fiery end towards the ground and the pointy end towards space. He looks forward to leading the next squad of rocketeers to the stars.

CubeSat Project Officer – Romain Clement De Givry

Romain is a 3rd Year Aeronautical Engineer who has been in the Cubesat project since his first year.

CubeSat Mission Commander – Harry Churchill

Harry is a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering student.

Electronics Project Officer – Henry Eshbaugh

Amidst solder fumes and empty mugs of coffee, one can occasionally witness Henry in a bleary, half-conscious state, hazedly laying out boards and screeching about component footprints. Despite his apparent torment, this is his natural state. Do not tap on the glass.

Balloon Commander – Ignaty Romanov-Chernigovsky

As a third year Maths and Computer Science student, Ignaty is most easily contacted at around 4am, while he is still coding up that programming assignment with pictures of the Mandelbrot set open on his second monitor. Having joined the (then really small) High Altitude Ballooning team back in 1st year, he is very familiar with the fact that the hardest part of a launch isn’t getting things off the ground, but getting them to come back…

Chief Engine Designer – Patryk Szczepanski

Patryk is a 2nd year Aeronautical Engineer. He has been a member of ICSEDS since the last year when he focused on the design of the rocket engine. Having worked on the design of engine nozzle he chose to lead the engine design project himself.