Director-General – Hanae Tilquin

Hanae is a third year physicist, who started off at ICSEDS with the model rocketry project and then went on to the HPR project. When she doesn’t spend time on space or physics related stuff, she also enjoys coding, eating good food and hiking. Her current role at ICSEDS includes chairing committee meetings and ensuring that the society is running well.

Secretary – Robert King

Rob is a 3rd Year Physicist and former Events Officer behind the planning of the legendary Cologne trip last year. This year he has stepped up to the role of group Secretary responsible for communication with members, booking rooms, and taking endless notes at meetings.

Treasurer – Harry Xie

Harry is a 3rd year physicist. Previously the Junior Rocketry Commander, he is getting his hands dirty this year sorting out the committee’s monies.

Events Officer/ Industrial Relations Officer – Jonas Sinjan

Having joined last year in model rocketry, Jonas is a 3rd year physicist who thought it would be the fun to order pizza; hence his position as events officer. Also, as KSP is a godsend, he will run a KSP challenge. Furthermore he will organise brain-tickling talks. So all in all, much to look forward to.

General projects Officer/ Cubesat Project Organiser – Sena Harayama

Sena is a third year Aeronautics student who has been part of ICSEDS projects since first year when she joined model rocketry and CubeSat. After two years of reading about structures and space grade solar panels, she thought it was time for Imperial to launch their own satellite into space and zealously stepped in the role of CubeSat project organizer. At the same time, she decided to make her life easier by becoming General Project Officer and subsequently making herself her own boss.
As GPO, she is in charge of making sure all 6 projects are smooth sailing and that the progress is well recorded. She is also responsible for liaising the projects and ensuring great communication between them, creating opportunities for collaboration and cross links. Get in touch with her for organizing launch events or showcases, or anything to make ICSEDS projects more lively.

Junior Rocket Commander/ Web Editor – Isabella Merritt

Issy is a 3rd Year Chemist with a love of Rockets, Explosions and generally all things space related. She joined ICSEDS in her first year with Model Rocketry (and ‘accidentally’ built a High Powered Rocket) , then spent her second year as a member of HPR helping to construct a supersonic rocket. She is now returning to Model Rocketry to hopefully lead a whole new year of students to create their own monstrosities, though explosions may have to be kept to a bare minimum at least pre-launch.

Senior Rocket Commander – Cameron Morrison


CubeSat Project Officer – Romain Clement De Givry

Romain is a 4th Year Aeronautical Engineer who has been in the Cubesat project since his first year.

Electronics Project Officer – Henry Eshbaugh

Amidst solder fumes and empty mugs of coffee, one can occasionally witness Henry in a bleary, half-conscious state, hazedly laying out boards and screeching about component footprints. Despite his apparent torment, this is his natural state. Do not tap on the glass.

Balloon Commander – Medad Newman

Medad Newman is a 2nd Year Design Engineering student. Medad is absolutely crazy about kites and anything that flies. He also has great fun playing around with electronics.

Chief Engine Designer – William Harradence

Will is a 3rd Year Aerospace student imported from Canada. He thinks that without engines, rockets are just big scuba tanks and thus will insist that EDP is the most important project in the society (which it totally is). He generally prefers when things do not explode, but understands from Kerbal that this is often inevitable. He aims to get a working rocket engine built and tested within the year, as well as to teach people about the grand mysteries of regression rates and expansion fans. Get in touch with him for answers to rocket engine related queries, or just for a general chat about space and engineering.