Events Officer – Francis Nwobu

At this society we’re all linked by one common interest… Space! We joined to get involved in as many space-related activities as possible and so far this club has provided a lot in terms of internal and external projects.

However, as Imperial students we don’t always have the time to commit to such lengthy activities. Therefore, it’s important a range of space-related events and socials can also be provided to satiate our starry-eyed needs. Over the past year, the provision such easy-going and fun events have been lacking.

As your events officer for next year I will ensure that this is no longer the case.


  • Visits to sites in the space industry like the Mullard Space Science Laboratory and more!
  • Intersociety collaborations with Astro-soc to visit places like the Royal Greenwich Observatory and hold joint-social events at the union.
  • Society trips to the IMAX cinema
  • The chance to take part in outreach programmes with local schools to spread your knowledge and love of space
  • More talks by people in the Space Industry on our very own doorstep
  • To be kept up-to-date with exciting space-related lectures and events being held at Imperial and all over London so you can keep clued-up on the latest developments in the Space Industry.
  • And most importantly, an events’ officer who will make every effort to ensure you get as much space-related goodness out of this society as possible.

Vote for me as your events officer, and put the fun back in the final funtier. [Ed. ICSEDS would like to apologise for this pun.]

Mission Controller (Projects Officer) – Parikshat Singh

Lets keep this short shall we?

  • More inter-division projects (think balloons launching rockets at hundreds of meters high in triangular formation whilst we watch from Thunderbird 5.
  • Commission a Thunderbird 5 (Space Station) project. [Ed. Current committee approves strongly of this plan.]
  • Ensure all project members survive the trip to Thunderbird 5.

On a more serious note:

  • Easier and faster rocketry and ballooning timeframe.
  • Inter-university competitions for Rocketry (model and high powered) as well as ballooning.
  • More “experience” trips-this could be another visit to Kingston for High powered rocketry, and inter-uni trips to chat with other SEDS divisions to see how they’re doing stuff.
  • Obviously this leads to more socials and more alcohol so yay.

We have an awesome year ahead of us, let’s make the most of it!

Mission Controller (Projects Officer) – Samuel Kirby

Despite being in my second year at Imperial, this is only my first year within ICSEDS, having found out about it at the end of the second year. I started out travelling to Sheffield to a rocketry workshop as I thought, obviously, rocketry would be the place to be. I only ever attended two sessions. I switched to HAB, working primarily on the electronics, as I found it more technically demanding, thus more interesting.
The variety of activities taking place within ICSEDS is impressive, catering for anyone interested, and this must be maintained, and expanded upon. Cross-over between the groups should be easier, perhaps with rocketry and HAB working together to build reusable and reliable electronics systems for use in both projects.
Further, I will look to increase our participation in national events. There are competitions in both ballooning and rocketry. I would aim to attend both, looking to gain sponsorship as well as continuing building ICSEDS reputation among industry employers.
Finally, I would look to start longer term projects, spanning more than a single year, which people can come and go from – a rockoon if we’re going to be ambitious, or less so; a glider to be dropped from a balloon. Of course I would be open to ideas!

Director-General (Chair) – Joseph Dudley

Our projects this year have been very successful, but there’s still room for improvement, and plenty of scope for expansion.

I want to build stronger links with other UKSEDS branches such as Sheffield and Strathclyde, sharing knowledge, and having a ‘friendly’ rivalry with the bastards. I am currently working on plans to host the National Student Space Conference at Imperial next year. Mostly so I don’t have to travel to Sheffield.

I don’t get out much, so I have a lot of experience of the joys of running societies and sending emails (don’t lie, you love my emails). I co-founded ICSEDS just before I started Imperial (yeah…), and have served as its Vice-Chair since then, I am also Secretary of UKSEDS, our parent organisation, Chair of Musical Theatre Tour, a trustee of a space education charity, and very occasionally attend lectures.

PR Officer – Danielle O’Driscoll

I like making things look aesthetically pleasing (like posters and rockets) and also want to make sure people know about ICSEDS!

Senior Rocket Commander (HPR) – Teejay Taiwo

I have been involved in ICSEDS committee for the last two years heavily focus on rocketry. I currently run the high powered rocketry group and have more than 4 years experience building rockets plus my UKRA level 1 certification.

Adminsitrator (Secretary) – Yi Ren Sum

ICSEDS is growing! With so much going on, it is hard to keep up with what is going on with other projects occurring in ICSEDS. I want to build a closer link between the projects and I plan to do this by meeting project leaders once a week to get an update of progress and disseminate the information to the rest of ICSEDS. In addition to this, I also want to help organize and get involved in UKSEDS outreach activities and events.
Some of my past experience in dealing with administrative roles include running the 6th form council in former school. This included organizing events, meeting people and coordinating council members.
I hope to further build and expand ICSEDS and I understand that I have much more to learn.
P.S I’ll try to make my emails as erm…’funny’? ‘interesting’? as Joseph’s

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