IMAX Afternoon – Fly me to the Moon 3D

Posted on November 26, 2012 by guilds_icseds in Events

Due to the separate projects in the society it’s rare we get the chance to meet up outside of those groups, so we are going to abuse the fact Imperial College Students can get into the Science museum IMAX for free on weekdays with just their ID cards (Yes this is right I know some of you are in shock) so every so often we will have a trip to the IMAX and watch a space related show (they actually have a few) these are normally just an hour long so it does not take up much time and is a amazing experience.

As we just turn up on the day and say we want to watch a film we have no way to guarantee the number of seat available, but if we go at a decent time it should not be a problem however could you let us know if you plan to come so we can have a rough estimate just e-mail saying you are coming.


The first visit will be to watch Fly me to the Moon 3D on 
28th Wednesday November 2012
at 12 for a 12:15 film start 
Meet outside the Science Museum entrance on Exhibition Road

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