First Rocketry Meeting

Posted on November 15, 2012 by guilds_icseds in Projects

The first meeting of ICSEDS rocketry group this will take place today:

Thursday 15th November 2012 at
6pm in Chemical Engineering LT-3 (Lecture Theatre 3)

This building is quite a maze so there will be signs directing you through.

This meeting will be all about what ICSEDS would like you to gain from being a part of this group and the outline of what will happen in the year plus some basic model rocket education, this is also where you guys make decisions on how you would like it to run and what you want from it e.g. how often we meet, when we meet, what you want to be able to do by the end, if you want to visit other rocketry clubs and make contacts (I actually met a guy who design inceptor missile for MBDA Missile Systems last week through another club). So it is important you make it to have your say, however it is not the end of the world if you can not I will e-mail you a summary so you can still keep up to date and have your input.

Lastly once we sort everything out, our next meeting will actually have rockets in it!

Well I hope to see you soon,
TeeJay (Projects Officer)

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