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Fire Tech Camp

Launched in April 2013, Fire Tech is the UK’s number one technology camp focusing on children aged 9-17. Fire Tech’s mission is to get young people creating and innovating using technology. Fire Tech was founded to bring important skills around computing, logic and innovation to students outside the classroom. Fire Tech sessions teach young people computing fundamentals as they create video games, mobile apps, arduinos and robots, digital music and animations, and as they learn to program in Python, Unity, HTML/CSS, Java and Greenfoot (and more). They design, experiment, look for feedback from peers and camp instructors, iterate, and pivot when necessary – all skills that we believe will be crucial for today’s students to become creative, resilient, adaptable adults.

Silver Sponsor


Evonetix is developing a radically different approach to gene synthesis – a highly parallel desktop platform to synthesise DNA at unprecedented accuracy, scale and speed. Our technology is based upon a novel silicon array, capable of the exquisite, independent control at each of many miniaturised reaction sites which allow massive parallelism in DNA synthesis and the sequential assembly of double-stranded DNA in a process during which errors are removed to yield high-fidelity DNA. Our platform will place DNA synthesis in the hands of every researcher and change how DNA is accessed, made and used – a new paradigm for gene synthesis. We employ a range of skills across the physical and life sciences and are always looking for talented individuals to join us. We offer a rare opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary team of motivated and innovative people as they develop and commercialise a disruptive approach to gene synthesis. See or contact us at