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With Enactus Imperial Tanzania Biogas Team, you will be working towards enhancing life in Chomachankola as well as grooming a biogas entrepreneur.


About This Project

In Tabora region of Tanzania, the village of Chomachankola has 15,000 – 30,000 people who rely solely on firewood for cooking. An average villager spends 78% of income on the arduous and time-consuming (4 hours) task of collecting wood every day. Consequently, harvesting wood daily have led to severe deforestation and what is more, cooking with firewood in poorly ventilated environment results in long term serious health issues, lowering standard of living for villagers of Choma.

How to get involved

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The idea is to tackle these problems through a biogas plant. A plant that uses readily available animal and plant waste to produce safe, easy-to-use and more environmentally friendly biogas, that would substitute firewood as cooking fuel. This process also produces a by-product, organic fertilizer that could be sold to generate more income.


In short term, this project aims to reduce the expenditure and time spend on collecting firewood for fuel. In the long run, this project aims to decrease the level of deforestation in Chomachankola as well as the number of cases with health issues related to using firewood.


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