Committee 2018-19

Chair – Nick Manrique

Nick Manrique

The Chair of the society is the figurehead of the society, and is responsible for overseeing the rest of the committee; coordinating all aspects of the orchestra; planning future events; and making everything work smoothly!


Treasurer – Sabrina Jackson


The Treasurer is responsible for looking after Sinfonietta’s finances. They are fundamentally in charge of budgeting, expenditure and making sure we don’t spend too much over the course of the year…


Vice-Chair – Christophe Jefferies



The Vice-Chair is the assistant to the Chair of the society and is responsible for helping the Chair with whatever they might need. Chiefly, the Vice-chair is in charge of room bookings and ensuring we have rehearsal and concert venues booked!

Librarian/Ticket Officer – Andreas Swerdlow


Andreas Swerdlow

The Librarian is in charge of the music! It’s their responsibility to acquire music for each term, produce practice parts for everyone and ensure all the music is distributed as necessary for rehearsals.


Librarian/Ticket Officer – Joyce Lam


The Ticket officer is responsible for helping the Librarian out (it’s a tough job to do solo!) and, when they’re not doing that, it’s all about making, distributing and selling concert tickets!


Secretary – Chris Weatherilt

Chris Weatherilt


The Secretary is responsible for emails, and taking minutes in committee meetings. They are the primary point of contact for members new and old to go to if they have any queries or concerns.


Social Secretary – Hannah Mallon

Hannah Mallon

The Social Secretary is responsible for organising all of the fun stuff we do throughout the year, beyond rehearsals, down the staircase, round the corner and into h-bar! They are in charge of all social events of the year’s calendar.

Publicity Officer – Esther Maltby



Our Publicity Officer is in charge of of… publicity! They are responsible for advertising our concerts to anyone and everyone, they produce posters, fliers and all forms of advertisement to promote our events.


Social Media Manager – George Padley

George Padley


The Social Media Manager manages the website as well as the society’s online presence as a whole! If you want to post or see something put on the website, or if you find a fault with it, get in touch with the Social Media Manager and he’ll be able to help you out.


Patrons Officer – Emily Strachan

Emily Strachan

Our Patrons officer’s job is to convince people to give us money so we can fund the exciting and exotic calendar of the society. Arguably the polar opposite of the Treasurer role, they are responsible for getting new patrons and keeping old ones. They’re also responsible for managing our alumni and keeping in contact with old members.


Tour Manager – Kris Turner

Sinfo tour

The tour manager is fundamentally responsible for organising and running our annual tour be it international or a little closer to home.