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Now in our 20th anniversary year, Sinfonietta has been nurtured to become what it is not only our members but all of our audiences and supporters, many of whom are patrons to the society.

For other musical societies at Imperial, patrons’ schemes are a major source of income and provide a considerable boost to their finances. Now we’re not as old as either the Symphony Orchestra or Choir, and we realise that there aren’t many hideously wealthy septuagenarians with little better to do than throw money at student ensembles, (although if you are about, we would love to hear from you!) However, we do hope that if you’ve previously played with Sinfonietta or have been to one of our concerts or even if you think you might like to in the future, you would consider making a small financial contribution that will help us to improve the opportunities available to current and future Sinfonietta members. Money from patrons will be used to┬áhave a direct effect on the orchestra, for example:

- Sinfonietta averages about 80 members and our repertoire selection aims to give as many people the opportunity to play as possible, whilst providing our members with challenging and interesting music. It’s a difficult balance to achieve and much of what is appropriate is 20th Century music, for which copyright restrictions can make it prohibitively expensive with only our funding from the Union.

- One of our main aims is to provide our members with an opportunity to improve their musical standards and in doing so the overall standard of the orchestra. One very effective way to do this is through sectional rehearsals with specialist tutors, which again we don’t receive sufficient grant from the Union to fund.

So please do consider donating. We greatly appreciate every one of our supporters and hope to see you all at our concerts this year.