Orchestra Players

Strings and Percussion1658393_627511363982578_325785621_o

We don’t hold auditions for string and percussion players. Just come along to rehearsals each Monday at 6:15pm in the Great Hall. We have a concert at the end of the autumn and spring terms, so it makes most sense to join at the beginning of either term! Our first rehearsal of the year is on the 10th October at 6:15pm in the Great Hall. It would be great to see you there! If as a string or percussion player you find that the repertoire is either too challenging or not challenging enough, feel free to approach any members of our committee or our conductor and we’ll be able to sort something out.


Woodwind and Brass

Due to the limited number of spaces we have available and the large number of players wanting to fill them, we do hold auditions for wind and brass players. We are looking for players of around grade 8 standard. Auditions are held jointly with the Symphony Orchestra (ICSO), so don’t worry about having to audition twice! Auditions are being held this year on the Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th of October. The auditions aren’t overly long; you should prepare two pieces of your own choosing that, together, come to approximately 10 minutes of music; you will also be asked to perform a short excerpt of sight reading. You can sign up for an audition at Freshers Fair or by contacting us.

Try not to feel too nervous and don’t worry if you don’t get in this time round – you can try again later in the year if a vacancy becomes available, or you can always audition next year. There are many other ensembles at Imperial which you can join as well; for more information on these see our other ensembles page.


For all of you that have been to a rehearsal or two buying membership is an important part of being at an imperial society. Make sure to buy membership before November to not miss out when we move onto the member’s mailing list and come to all the socials!