First Rehearsal!

Welcome Back!

It’s first rehearsal time! So come on down to the Great Hall, Sherfield Building, starting at 6:15 pm to get involved in a new year of Sinfonietta!

Please do come to ħ-bar after this will give you the opportunity to meet your fellow orchestra members and join the Sinfo Fam!

Get Involved!

Exciting socials this term starting with:

Curry Night – Aladin, Brick Lane –  October 12th, 7:15 pm

It will be a great night to hang out with everyone in a different setting!

Keep an eye on emails to be up to date with new info and remember to buy membership!

Weekend Away!

On the 10th-11th November we are going to a far away land called Nottingham! It’ll be great fun of rehearsing and socialising for everyone and really helps with gaining a great ethos within Sinfo. So please do come along, and buy your place here!