The Daily Grind

An End Has A Start

Rehearsals Every Monday 6:15-8:45 (Be there before and ready to start at 6:15), see the rehearsal schedule page for more info of when and what we are playing!

If you cannot come to a rehearsal PLEASE TELL US using the apology form so we can tailor what we practice to who we have.

If you are new, please contact us, it is never too late to start (unless you are a flute, then it probably is…sorry)

In This Light And On This Evening

Concert coming up! Add meaning to your rehearsals! Show your friends that you are more than just a nerd!

In the Great Hall, Sherfield Building, December 8th, more info on the concerts page!

Tickets and more info closer to the time.

Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home

Weekend away to Cambridge anyone?

November 18/19 and more info here. This page will be updated as we get stuffs.

If you are a member, buy your ticket here! It’s not compulsory, but if you go, the fun will be relentless! [If you are current but not a member...sadface...]

For all you alumni: get talking to Alastair/Peter! [Look at the contact us section, top right of every page] The more people the better, and who doesn’t want to look back on the times before the rat race?

Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool

 Sinfo does curry night? £15 for starter, curry, naan and rice?! BYOB?!?! Fulham?!?!?!

Sounds like literally the best thing ever! November 11th, don’t be scared any inexperienced curriers.

Talk to Nick Manrique to know more or wait for info to come out in emails/tweets/website updates

A Thousand Pieces

Last Small things:

Membership? Memebership! MEMBERSHIP!!! MeMbErShIp? memberSHIP?!? Shipbermem?!?!?

Come help us set up at 5:30, everyone will love you and you may even get a free drink out of it.

If anyone gets the lyric thing I have been doing and comes to me with the bands, I will flap at you, gj everyone.

Scheherazade social was really fun. I wish I could have gone! Fun Times!