Madrid Trip Tickets on Sale!

Great news! LeoSoc tickets for the Madrid Spring Tour are going live today at 12 pm.

This year Leonardo Fine Arts Society will travel to Madrid, capital of Spain and host to three astounding art museums: El Prado, El Reina Sofia  and the Thyssen. Be prepared to delight your eyes with gorgeous art, pamper your stomachs with delicious food and enjoy the life of a vibrant city and the warmth of its locals.

Here is a sample of the master pieces you will be able to see in this trip:

This is the Garden of Delights by Hieronymus Bosch at El Prado. Next to it you will find more master pieces of the Dutch school.

Dali’s Grand Masturbateur at the Reina Sofia

This is Goya’s master piece The 3rd of May 1808 in Madrid or The executions on Principe Pio hill at El Prado

Roy Lichtenstein ,Woman in Bath at Thyssen

On top of that we will have a master class by Sally Gutierrez in her studio in the heart of the city. For three hours we will work with colour, experimenting and reinterpreting the masters.

There are only 16 tickets, and from previous experience they will fly so book them as soon as possible. The cost of the trip is only £120, which includes the cost of our awesome painting class with all the materials, flights, accommodation and a special meal on the last day. We will leave on the 24th early in the morning and arrive back to London late on the 27th. Here is the link to buy your tickets.

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