feeling creative?
want a break from all that science?
then leosoc is for you!

At Leonardo Fine Arts Society (leosoc), we hold weekly Art Sessions, with activities ranging from life drawing to clay modelling, and all the equipment and materials provided. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged. Our friendly atmosphere gives you the opportunity to grow confident with your skills, with an emphasis on exploring ideas, creating original art and having fun.

Being a member also gives you access to our Studio outside of sessions, with materials at your disposal. We organise trips to see exhibitions, and hold two of our own exhibitions at Imperial's Blyth Gallery, where you can show off your work. Or, if somehow London fails to inspire you, why not come on our tour? Last year we spent 5 days soaking in the culture of Berlin.

To get access to all membership benefits, you can buy membership here. Or, to just get involved, check us out on facebook, or email us directly


6:30pm to 8:30pm

We all get together in a massive room and make some art. This ranges from life drawing to portraiture to pumpkin carving! You can come whenever you want throughout the year, and you get to try all sorts of different media and techniques.

The first session you attend, independently of when you join, is free. Then, each session is £3. For that, you get all the materials for the evening, along with tea, coffee and biscuits. However, a 5 or 10 session pre-paid card is available, which drops the price to £2 per session. Those can be bought here. The details for sessions can be found on our facebook page.

6pm to 9pm

These sessions are a course on Life Drawing, taught by Dilip, a tutor from the Royal College of Art. All materials provided, with all skill levels welcomed.

The course runs for eight weeks, and takes place in the college art studio, near Prince's Gardens. The tickets for Spring Term's course will be available at the end of Autumn Term. Email us if you have any questions, including directions to the studio.


We run events throughout the year, including gallery trips, bar nights, and a European tour. Recently, we went to Berlin.

Sign up to our mailing list to get weekly updates from us, including details about upcoming events.


We run two exhibitions a year, during Spring term, both in Imperial’s own Blyth gallery.

The first is our individual exhibition. You can submit work for that at any point during the year. The second is a collaboration with other Arts societies at Imperial.

Email Alex Chaudri for more details, including how to submit work.



Membership to LeoSoc is only £8, and gets you access to our fully equipped studio in the Beit quad, along with reduced price gallery trips, and our annual arty tour to Europe.

Access to the studio is granted a week after you buy membership.

You can buy membership here.

To get to the studio, take a left once you enter the Beit Quad, and go towards the entrance that says ‘West Wing’. there is only one entrance to the Beit Quad building in the west, so you can’t really miss it. swipe yourself in with your normal college card and walk down the stairs. Then take a left and you’ll find the studio in the first door on your left, Just opposite the Felix office. Again, just swipe in with your normal college card.

Feel free to use the studio as you wish, but please clean up after yourself! Most supplies are in cupboards, but to get access to the drawing tablets, or for other enquiries about the studio, contact Paolo.