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Can I be a part of the society?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to attend and perform at any of our events and be part of our community.
If you wish to use the practice room or attend masterclasses, you must be a member of the society. Anyone who holds membership of the Union can buy membership for £5 here. This includes £7.50 free practice room credit!

How much does it cost to book the room?

£2.50 per hour.

What equipment does the practice room contain?

Details for the rooms can be found on the bookings page.

How do I book the room?

1. Become a member of the society.
2. Purchase £5 credit from the Union website. (Or use the free £7.50 room credit from becoming a member)
4. Agree to our Terms of Use by emailing saying that you agree with the Terms Of Use and with the subject “Step 3 Terms of Use". You should include your Imperial short code in this email.
3. Select a room then a room slot here.
4. Click 'Book'!

Please note that you can each member can only book 2 slots at any time for the moment.

Can I book the room over summer?

Yes, as long as you are a member you can book the room all year round. Be aware membership for the academic year finishes on August 1st so to continue using the practice room in August, you need to purchase membership for the new academic year.

Can I obtain a replacement booking slip if I delete my confirmation email?

Yes: a list of your upcoming bookings is given on your account page, along with links to booking slips for each.

Where is the West Practice Room?

The practice room is located in the West Basement of Beit Quad. You can find it by entering the double doors on the left side of the quad as you enter from Prince Consort Road. Once inside, head down the stairs and turn right. The practice room is through the last set of doors on the left. Please contact us at if you need wheelchair access.

How do I get the keys?

To obtain the key card, you will need to present your swipe card and booking slip at Union Helpdesk (Union Building, Ground Floor) if it between 10:00 and 18:00 on Monday to Friday or at the Security Lodge (Under the archway as you enter Beit Quad) at all other times.

Why can't I login?

You should receive an email with your account details after buying membership for the first time. This can take a while if the booking system is broken (there will be a warning on the website if this is the case).

Why has the credit I've purchased not been added to my account?

The system can take up to 15 minutes to update after a purchase, so don't leave buying room credit to the last minute. If it has been more than 30 minutes since you purchased the credit it is probably worthwhile emailing us at as there is likely a problem somewhere. If we know that the booking system is offline or broken there will be a notice on the home page about it.

Why can I not book the room?

Have you agreed to our Terms of Use? If you have, it may take a day to update the system. Please be patient.
If not, you need to agree to the Terms of Use in order to book the rooms. Agree to our Terms of Use by emailing saying that you agree with the Terms Of Use with the subject “Step 3 Terms of Use". You should include your Imperial short code in this email.

How can I subscribe to the mailing list?

You can subscribe to our main mailing list here. Our mailing list is called 'ic-jazz-rock', don't let the name fool you!

Is LMS on Facebook?

Yes, we have a Facebook page for announcing events and a Facebook group for being social.

When do you meet?

The society does not have regular meet ups, but we try to organise solcial events in addition to live events throughout term. These typically take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays. We will announce these events and other opportunities to perform on our mailing list, events Facebook page, Instagram account and this website.

Do you offer lessons?

As a society, we do not offer lessons. However, feel free to post to the mailing list or Facebook group asking if someone would be willing to teach you.

Can I hire equipment from the society?

We currently hire out equipment for events. If you would like to make a hire request, please email us at Requests for equipment should be made at least two weeks in advance.

What do all the colours on the booking calendar mean?

Each colour refers to a slot's availability:

  • Red slots are unavailable because somebody else has booked them.
  • Green slots are those which you've already booked.
  • Black slots are those which have been made unbookable. This may be due to an event that is being run, or scheduled maintenance (repairs, equipment installation, cleaning, etc.).
  • Blue slots are available for booking.
  • Faded coloured slots are unavailable as they are either in the past or too far in the future.

Want to hire from us?

As well as running the practice room and our live events, Live Music Society has a large stock of music equipment that is available for hire, including the following:

  • Drum kits (including breakables)
  • Guitars, amplifiers, cabinets, and effects units
  • Bass guitars, amplifiers, and cabinets
  • Keyboards
  • Microphones, mixing desks, power amps, and speakers
  • Monitors and Wireless IEM systems
  • Cables and other accessories

In addition we liaise with other societies, most often DramSoc, to provide a wider range of sound and lighting equipment than we as a society own.

Most of our hires are "dry" (without crew), but we can do "wet" hires (with crew) as well.

For more information on hiring equipment, please contact us at

Want to hire a band rather than equipment? Please contact our
gig manager at