This website provides a service allowing artists and scientists to find collaborators working in fields that interest them. You can create your own profile populated with your particular interests and expertise and read the profiles of other members. The process could not be more simple:



1 - Register

First, register yourself on the website. You can provide information about your college, skills and areas of interest. Try to provide as much detail as possible, including a photo if you are happy, to help other people find you.

2 – Search

Search other members of the site for to find people you want to work with. You can search based on keywords relating institution, expertise and interests. Once you have found someone who interests you can send private messages, or invite them to form a group discussion.

3 – Discuss

This website host a forum, once you have signed up you can join in public discussions about topics around art and science. Users can create discussion topics and contribute to discussion created by others.

4 – Form a group

Our collaboration pages allow you to form closed discussion groups. Here you can privately discuss potential projects and share information. Content in collaboration groups can only by viewed by members who have been accepted.


Further information on the appropriate use of the site can be found in our terms of use.


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