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Republic of the Moon

19/01/2014 in Art, Events, Science

Leonid Tishkov, Private Moon

Leonid Tishkov, Private Moon

Republic of the Moon opened at the Bargehouse early in January. The exhibition brought together a collective of artists by the same name to reengage artistically with the subject of humanities lunar ambitions. Their mission is laid bare in an elaborate manifesto containing “a mixture of artists’ statements about what they’d do if they got to the moon, some poems, a scientific paper, a couple of rants”.

It is true that the moon has waned in our collective consciousness. Perhaps when Neil Armstrong set foot on Earth’s nearest neighbour in 1959 our view of it as an object of romance and mythology was shattered. Maybe the subsequent decades of failure to capitalise on that achievement killed our hopes of a brave new world of space colonisation. Perhaps, living as we do in cities, the moon is simply less present, hidden by buildings and light pollution, the very hallmarks of our terrestrial malaise.

The show itself is housed in a patchily refurbished warehouse and described as a lunar embassy on earth. It exhibits a variety of attempts to explore our relationship with the moon and its future. Leonid Tiskov’s Private Moon shows a photographic series that explores one man’s very personal relationship with the moon. Using a luminescent replica of a crescent moon, the images powerfully reclaim half-remembered romantic associations in a deeply intimate way. Tishkov moon have travelled the world for almost ten years creating a stunning narrative of the moon and her admirer in a landscape.

Probably the most talked about artist in the show is Agnes Meyer-Brandis, who’s poetic-scientific investigations balance precariously between absurdist humour and whimsical speculation. Inspired by a story written by English bishop Francis Godwin in the 1630s, she documents her attempt to structure a training programme for a flock of geese preparing them for a flight to the moon. The result is frankly adorable, particularly her filmed attempts to teach her adoptive goslings the fundamentals of rocket science. The film is an engrossing watch and a deserving winner of the Ars Electronica award of distinction winner 2012. Meyer-Brandis’s work is supplemented by a collection of installations, including a proposed design for a moon goose colony and control room.

Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Moon Goose Analogue, still

Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Moon Goose Analogue, still

What can a collection of artists tell us about and essentially technological endeavour? The exhibition is a blazing example of art/science collaboration and its potential value. The artists involved all seek to provide an emotive and spiritual response the subject. Through this exercise they also provide visions for the future that centre on the human and social aspects of moon colonisation the is divorced from the dry practically of space travel. The show’s curator emphasised the point in an interview with TimeOut, saying “This isn’t a science communication show. Artists come at things from a different angle. Their job is not to explain science but to reflect on it”.

Republic of the Moon is at the Bargehouse until 2nd Feb, 11am-6pm daily. Free admission.

The Artifact Pub Quiz

28/11/2013 in Events

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, we’ll be hosting a Pub Quiz next week, of which the details can be found here:

Remember, this is one of the first (of many) chances to start building those links which might lead to an eventual collaboration, don’t miss your chance. We hope to see you all there.


Bridging the Gap.

25/11/2013 in Affective Disorder, Art, Central Saint Martins, Collaborations, Events, MA Art & Science, Science

In reaction to interdisciplinary subjects such as art and science collaborations gaining more of a foundation in the academic community, Central Saint Martins have developed a new MA which encourages its students to integrate the creative relationships between art and science with their work. Here’s Sivan Lavie – one of the course’s latest intake – to tell us what making the transition from scientist to artist really feels like, and how her past academic experience as a scientist is fuelling her work as an artist. 

I’m a psychology graduate, from the University of Birmingham. Upon finishing high school, I wanted to read a subject that combined all my interests, in writing, creativity and scientific evidence, so I chose psychology. I had a very interesting three-year experience. But on the side, at night in my room, I would make art. It was a gradual process that spilled out of me, I didn’t really see myself as an artist until I was in my third year, yet creating was an integral part of my life, and going to see art at galleries was something I always craved. I took art at school, yet felt restricted by the silent consensus of what ‘good’ art should look like (mostly a realistic painting style) and felt very offended when a classmate said my drawings were ‘cartoon-like’.

Art school, Central Saint Martins, is the opposite of what I experienced at high school. It’s also nothing like studying psychology at Birmingham. The Art and Science MA started running in 2011, having its first graduate show in May this year. From my first day this September, I was filled with wonder, as the twenty students in the class are all from diverse backgrounds, from quantum-physics to the history of public hygiene, to anthropology. But all of them are also deeply passionate about art, which makes it such an intriguing pioneering experience. Art and Science is a relatively new field; we are stepping on fresh ground as a class, and forging links between the scientific and art worlds. Coming from different experiences, our art techniques are dissimilar, yet interconnections can be illustrated and deepened as we work together and learn about each other’s disciplines.

Coming from a class of two hundred, from which only about ten students actually cared about psychology, to a class of twenty students who are eager to learn, experience and grow, is something that inspires me, as well as being in the centre of the art world, here in London.

Holly Owen

Work by Holly Owen another student of the CSM MA

My amalgamation of art with science focuses around affective disorders, specifically depression, and its bidirectional relationship with art. Having suffered from clinical depression as well as having studied the illness to great detail at university, I believe it is thoroughly important to educate the public about the sheer force of depression and its related phenomena, to remove stigma and undervaluing of the illness. Grayson Perry said in his Reith Lecture series that art’s function as the communicator of ‘the big ideas’ has been eclipsed by the media. Personally, I think that the media educates us to a certain degree, but with mental illness, especially affective disorders, seeing art can be imperative, because art holds a truth, a strong emotive effect that speaks louder than words. Perry adds that art has the advantage of ‘seeing the real thing’, which feeds into my idea of the experiential aspect, essential for comprehending an affective experience.

A piece by Sivan

A piece by Sivan

As the year progresses and we’ve already had an interim-interim show, we hope to continue to utilise all resources we have, from fantastic workshops here at CSM (from photography-developing to silk-screen printing to metal-work), the amazing opportunity of being in a vastly creative environment with people from numerous disciplines who we can share ideas with, glean information from and collaborate, by creating links with art-science societies such as the Wellcome Trust, the GV Art gallery, and looking into our own scientific fields and finding subtle, interesting connections with art which can be further explored.

This piece was written by Sivan Lavie, for more of her work visit her website: 



Running up…

06/06/2013 in Events, Update

There’s just 1 month to go until our big exhibition at Imperial, and there is still time to get involved!



Next Monday 10th June, 6pm, join us at Imperial’s Art Studio (behind Garden Hall, SW7 1NA) for another meeting session with fellow artists and scientists. It’s your almost last chance to meet a partner to collaborate with, as well as a massive, science-inspired artwork for us all to contribute to on the night. If you’ve already started on a project, bring it along (or some photos) so we can see how things are going. If you haven’t formed a partnership yet we’d love to see you even more, and hopefully by the end of the evening we’ll have a clearer picture of our plans for the exhibition.

This will be the start of regular Monday night sessions in the lead-up to the exhibition (which opens in July), so let’s start off with a fantastic turnout!


(brain connection map)


Exhibition preparation meetings

10/05/2013 in Events, Update

Exhibition prepAs we move ever closer to our exhibition in July (yes, this July), we’re going to start having more regular meetings to help finalise partnerships and encourage progress on works to exhibit. This will start next Monday 13th May, at 6pm, with an informal gathering for everyone involved – whether you are in a collaboration partnership or still searching, join us for a session of brainstorming or presenting work in progress. Whatever stage you’re at, we’d love to see you!
The meeting will be held in Imperial’s new Art Studio. This is on the ground floor of Garden Hall (number 4 on this map), and access is via the garden to the rear (follow the path on the map indicated for disabled access, the back door to the hall leads directly into the studio). We’ll email out a contact number on the day to help find us if you haven’t been before.

Another term…

22/04/2013 in Events, Update

Hello everyone! Another term is about to start /or has started and many of you will have the dreaded ‘E’ word (not eggses) coming up, why not think about what you’d like to create in a break? We’ll be having another event soon, but in the meantime sign up on the website, find someone and maybe even submit a proposal for the exhibition!

Also, if you haven’t already, It’s well worth going to see ‘Light Show’ at the haward gallery. You might even get some ideas…

It is quite popular though, and finishes on the 6th of may so you need to get your skates on.
Light Show at Hayward Gallery, London.  Photo by Linda Nylind. 27/1/2013.

Brand new speedmeeting night: Tuesday 19th March

07/03/2013 in Events

Whether you managed to come on the 4th or not, everyone’s invited to come to our second networking evening on Tuesday 19th March. For symmetry’s sake, this time it will be held in the RCA bar (within the RCA building, right next to Imperial for those who have never been) at 6pm.

We won’t be having a talk this time, but are aiming for even more time to meet your opposite numbers, including some drawing and brainstorming to share your ideas and get interested in each other’s work.

Our Fantastic launch in Metric was a success!

07/03/2013 in Events

We had a fantastic night on Monday, loads of people excited to get involved, and a really great talk from Geraldine Cox – if you want to see more of her work check it out at (you can see the videos we missed and more.)

Lots of keen artistic-scientific minds signed up for our mailing lists, and we even had some collaborators sign up for our exhibition (July is coming already) on the night!

If you missed out on signing up for Artifact, head to the page marked Get Involved, and if you’re ready to start collaborating as a group or pair sign up together on the page called Collaborate. Once you’ve let us know you’ve decided to start working together and with us, we’ll be in touch to talk about your ideas.

If you didn’t get enough time to get to know your ideal artistic collaborator on Monday, have no fear – we’re compiling the sign up list mentioned above to help get people in touch with similar souls and we’re holding another speedmeeting night very soon -

6PM RCA bar Tuesday 19th March !

We’ll be getting started with some drawing/brainstorming games to start- so bring a pen/pencil/oily rag.

Artifact launches in 2013

22/02/2013 in Events

Our Launch Networking event for 2013: A chance to meet collaborating artists and scienctists, and to hear from Physics Artist in Residence Geraldine Cox, and her collaborator physicist Terry Rudolph about their perspective on Art-Science collaboration. (Geraldine’s excellent website is at )