Running up…

06/06/2013 in Events, Update

There’s just 1 month to go until our big exhibition at Imperial, and there is still time to get involved!



Next Monday 10th June, 6pm, join us at Imperial’s Art Studio (behind Garden Hall, SW7 1NA) for another meeting session with fellow artists and scientists. It’s your almost last chance to meet a partner to collaborate with, as well as a massive, science-inspired artwork for us all to contribute to on the night. If you’ve already started on a project, bring it along (or some photos) so we can see how things are going. If you haven’t formed a partnership yet we’d love to see you even more, and hopefully by the end of the evening we’ll have a clearer picture of our plans for the exhibition.

This will be the start of regular Monday night sessions in the lead-up to the exhibition (which opens in July), so let’s start off with a fantastic turnout!


(brain connection map)


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