Our Fantastic launch in Metric was a success!

07/03/2013 in Events

We had a fantastic night on Monday, loads of people excited to get involved, and a really great talk from Geraldine Cox – if you want to see more of her work check it out at http://www.findingpatterns.info/journal/ (you can see the videos we missed and more.)

Lots of keen artistic-scientific minds signed up for our mailing lists, and we even had some collaborators sign up for our exhibition (July is coming already) on the night!

If you missed out on signing up for Artifact, head to the page marked Get Involved, and if you’re ready to start collaborating as a group or pair sign up together on the page called Collaborate. Once you’ve let us know you’ve decided to start working together and with us, we’ll be in touch to talk about your ideas.

If you didn’t get enough time to get to know your ideal artistic collaborator on Monday, have no fear – we’re compiling the sign up list mentioned above to help get people in touch with similar souls and we’re holding another speedmeeting night very soon -

6PM RCA bar Tuesday 19th March !

We’ll be getting started with some drawing/brainstorming games to start- so bring a pen/pencil/oily rag.

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