The Techtonics

Black cog

When the Earth was young, great storms raged for centuries across its surface. Scientists believe that in a storm to end all storms, before life had even left the ocean, 13 bolts of lightning struck the area now known as London. Discovered by the Knights Templar and kept secret in a castle on a hill deep in the woods of Sherwood forest for generations, the 13 pillars of metamorphic rock that resulted were eventually bequeathed (with a whole lotta love) to Imperial College London. In a fresh piece of groundbreaking research the pillars were fashioned into what is now known as The Techtonics. In their 2008 paper (Physical Review, volume 68, pp 22) Brightman and Carter claim that once a year (and twice a week for rehearsals) the figures come to life to sing a cappella that will shake the world like the very day they were made. 🌋

Singing with the Techtonics is an immensely rewarding but fast-paced undertaking. The members themselves come from a variety of different musical backgrounds from thoroughbred choristers to accomplished shower singers. They are all united by a deep love of and respect for music and a penchant for hard work. If you think this sounds like you, please sign up for an audition! 

The group is known for its broad repertoire, eye-wateringly crimson chinos and terrible funky socks. They sing everything from classic rock numbers as old as their parents to hip hop tracks via touching love songs. The Techtonics have a reputation for bringing unexpected songs into the a cappella genre – a tradition they fully intend to continue. The group has recorded two studio albums and more recordings are on their way. They’ve been nominated for two CARA awards and won the CARA award for Best Male Collegiate Song for their version of ‘Earthquake’ by Labrinth. In 2016 the group were crowned International Champions of Collegiate A Cappella. The group goes on tour every year – recent destinations have included Hong Kong, the Deep South of the US and a 5* sell out run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

The group is just about to set off on its 10th anniversary tour to the East Coast of the US to say farewell to 5 members, just before the group starts their search for the next generation of The Techtonics! Follow them on instagram @thetechtonicsic as they embark on their US tour and find out more information on their website:

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